Doosan develops a ‘transparent bucket’ for wheel loaders

transparent bucket

Doosan Infracore has created a ‘transparent bucket’ for wheel loaders that is designed to allow the operator to see blind spots in front of the machine.

The transparent bucket is a system that allows the wheel loader driver to see blind spots in front of the bucket through the monitor in the cab.

While Doosan previously offered a sneak peek of the tech at CES 2020, the transparent bucket was officially announced on March 1.

Doosan Infracore is the first company worldwide to develop and apply a forward-looking function such as a transparent bucket to construction equipment.

The manufacturer has applied for a patent for the transparent bucket technology in Korea, North America, Europe and China.

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“As construction safety standards have been significantly reinforced, the advanced safety system has become the key equipment option,” the company said in a news release. “We plan to continue developing functions that can protect the safety of drivers and nearby workers and lead the creation of accident-free construction sites.”

The transparent bucket system photographs the front of the wheel loader with cameras installed at the top and bottom of the loader and shows the combined image in real time using a curved projection method.

The front of the wheel loader has been identified as a high risk for collisions, due to blind spots. With the transparent bucket function, the driver can easily check the blind spot beyond the bucket with a monitor, thereby preventing accidents. There is also an advantage that work efficiency is improved as it is possible to see the front through the monitor even when loading and unloading work or when carrying soil and sand.

In addition to transparent buckets, Doosan Infracore is incorporating construction equipment safety systems, such as the around view monitor, which are able to monitor the equipment’s surroundings, as well as a rear warning system using ultrasonic sensors.