Doosan and engcon collaborate to integrate tiltrotators

Doosan and engcon collaborate to integrate tiltrotators

Engcon has announced the launch of the engcon-ready option for the Doosan DX225LC-7X series of excavators.

The option is the result of a collaboration between Doosan and engcon to provide an integrated solution between the tiltrotator control system and machine, with all the built-in functions and features. Engineering teams on both sides have been working closely together from the beginning of the project to the commencement of production.

The Doosan DX225LC-7X is a fully electro-hydraulic excavator with factory-provided 2D machine control and the latest Doosan technology. As a part of this technology offering, the machine is engcon-ready, meaning that the machine can easily be equipped with engcon’s MIG2 Grips and the 3rd generation control system, DC3.

The control system and machine controllers communicate over CAN (Controller Area Network), making it possible to exchange a large amount of data between the two systems at very high speeds.

“The deep integration allows engcon and Doosan to create a better operator experience,” says Fredrik Eklind, control system product owner at engcon. He continues; it allows the operator to get an overview and configure the functions of the MIG2 Grips directly in the Doosan machine display. engcon’s high precision tilt and rotation sensors are also directly integrated with the Doosan semi-automatic machine control solution, weighing and assist features. There is no need for a third party sensor to be installed in the attachment, making it truly integrated with the machine.”

Furthermore, the deep integration and preparation allow for shortened lead times while providing a complete offering to the customer.

“Engcon tiltrotators as an attachment is growing in popularity globally and especially in Europe. Making sure that our most advanced machine was prepared for this attachment was important and having it integrated with the rest of our machine technology offering was crucial,” explained Stephane Dieu, excavator product manager for Europe. “With the technologies combined the customer can see both improved productivity and flexibility. To shorten the lead times is something that both engcon and Doosan have been working on over many years and with the DX225LC-7X being engcon Ready the upgrade is quicker than ever.”