Bauer debuts a slurry of new foundation equipment at ConExpo

bauer foundation equipment

Bauer brought its latest innovations in foundation equipment from Bavaria to Las Vegas for ConExpo 2020 in March.

At the trade show, the company introduce new machines and tools from RTG Rammtechnik, Klemm and Bauer Mat Slurry Handling Systems.

“Once again, we had many interesting conversations and numerous promising contacts were made,” said Jochen Grundmann, managing director of Bauer Equipment America, Inc.

“ConExpo is always a great opportunity to meet up with longstanding customers, partners and friends, even if this year the most important focus was on the safety and health of all participants.”

RTG Rammtechnik’s updated RG 19 T, with the base carrier BS 65 RS, was the head-turner at the Bauer booth, according to the company. The RG 19 T was showcased with an MR 145 V hydraulic vibrator.

“Visitors to the booth were particularly interested in the new adjustable auxiliary winch at the mast head, the remote control for all machine functions, which makes single person operation possible, as well as the sheet pile assistant for quick and secure insertion of the sheet piles into the clamp of the vibrator,” said Shaun Nelson, sales manager at Bauer Equipment America.

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ConExpo also served as a platform for Klemm to launch its new KR 806-4GM anchor drilling rig with a 215 hp Volvo Penta engine.

The anchor drilling rig was created to meet the growing demand for mechanized manipulation of the drill string.

Designed for overburden drilling, the machine is equipped with a patented remote-controlled MAG 6.1 magazine, features more compact dimensions and a lower weight, compared to the widely available KR 807-7 series.

The new kinematic component group additionally enables guiding of the heavy feed.

Also, the KR 801-3GS was introduced, which is now the most compact, fully equipped drilling rig in the Klemm portfolio. Powered by a 160 hp C4.4 ACERT Caterpillar engine, the rig boasts suitable kinematics for anchor drilling applications.

The double-head system can be moved laterally from the drilling axis to fit rebar cages or anchors into the bore hole, for example. The machine can also navigate low headroom situations via a feed with divisible length.

Meeting Tier 4 Final emission standards, both models significantly reduce fuel consumption and noise levels with their integrated Energy Efficiency Package (EEP). They are also entirely radio remote-controlled.

Also at ConExpo, Bauer Mat Slurry Handling Systems introduced the Container Mixing System CMS 45 in UL version.

As a special feature, the mixer, water tank, agitator container and the control cabinet are permanently installed in a 6.1 metre container frame and connected via flexible hoses. This makes the equipment compact, space-saving and easy to move, which saves time during assembly and dismantling.

The centerpiece is a colloidal mixer with an external circulation pipe for optimum dispersion of the slurry with simultaneous enhancement of the mixing capacity. A 38-cm touch display allows for the input of up to 10 different formulations with 10 sequences each and provides the operator with access to the current batch data at any time.

The integrated booster pump automatically cleans the mixing tank and protects against unwanted deposits that are inevitable when using bentonite or other binding agents. The powerful batch mixing system is ideally suited to soil mixing applications, in the construction of diaphragm walls and in jet grouting techniques. It fulfills all prerequisites for keeping up with the performance of a Bauer drilling rig.

Two Bauer drilling rigs were also showcased at ConExpo. The BG 15 H BT 50 was on display with a Kelly set-up, as well as the BG 15 H.

A newly developed drilling tool was showcased on the BG 15 H for the first time: the BlueLine Drilling Bucket Type KBF-K with a diameter of 90 cm, a working length of 175 cm and a total length of 2.3 metres.

The standardized, price-optimized drilling tool series is ideal for use in very dense sand and gravel, as well as in soft to medium hard rock.