ARHCA revives Don’t RIP Through Construction Zones safety campaign

Michael Derksen, senior vice president and executive lead, Civil West, Aecon; Bart Severin, EHS director, Civil West, Aecon; Nathan Neudorf, MLA, Lethbridge-East; Ron Glen, CEO of ARHCA; Jonathan Hamilton, board director of ARHCA and COO Tollestrup Construction; and Larry McGregor, vice president and general manager of Civil West at Aecon.

The Alberta Roadbuilders and Heavy Construction Association (ARHCA) has relaunched its Don’t RIP Through Construction Zones safety campaign. 

Following Alberta’s plan to invest millions into the province’s roads, the ARHCA and Nathan Neudorf, MLA for Lethbridge-East, joined together to educate drivers and protect work crews by providing Don’t RIP Through Construction Zones signage to Aecon. 

“I am thrilled to announce our government’s investment in improving southern Alberta highways and encouraging a greater conscientiousness for the safety of road construction crews,” Neudorf said. 

“I look forward to seeing the results that the joint effort of ARHCA and Aecon will produce. This is good news for job creation and economic recovery. Let’s be aware of the crews’ safety as they work on the roadways that allow us to travel through our beautiful province.” 

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In the Lethbridge area, Aecon has been awarded a $9.75 million project, as part of  the government’s stimulus plan to invest in roads this summer. 

By distributing safety signage, the ARHCA and government partners seek to encourage safe driving, so construction crews and drivers alike can get home safely.

“Aecon is proud to partner with the ARHCA as well as local and provincial governments to educate drivers in Alberta about road construction safety,” said Michael Derksen, senior vice president and executive lead, Civil West, at Aecon.

“Aecon applauds both the government of Alberta’s investment in infrastructure as a key source of economic stimulus, and their initiative to raise critical awareness around road safety.”

The ARHCA is the largest heavy construction association in Canada. The association represent contractors tasked with the construction and rehabilitation of highways, municipal roads, bridges, sewer and water projects, as well as equipment dealers, finance companies, aggregate suppliers and consulting engineers who work with them. 

“The ARHCA is pleased to see government acknowledging the crucial role our industry plays not only in stimulating the economy, but also in ensuring our highways are in good condition,” said Ron Glen, CEO of the ARHCA.

“Since government’s significant investment means more crews on the road, we all need to do our part to make sure drivers and crews are safe. That’s what Don’t RIP Through Construction Zones signage is all about.”