Amplistic and Netquity announces NORAD project completion

NORAD Power Cavern

Amplistic Inc. and Netquity Corporation have announced the completion of its project in partnership with Paulsan Construction, the Department of National Defence (Canada), Defence Construction Canada (DCC) at the Canadian Forces Base (CFB) North Bay, North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD).

Buried under 2-billion-year-old granite in the Canadian shield is the keystone to the NORAD infrastructure. NORAD provides aerospace warning and defense for both the USA and Canada. The North Bay Under Ground Complex (UGC) known as “The Hole” was the only NORAD facility built underground. Engineered to withstand a 4-megaton nuclear blast, the facility UGC is 600 feet beneath the surface of the Earth.

Entry into the UGC is a 2-kilometer-long North Tunnel from the Air Force Base with a 1-kilometer South Tunnel from the city. The complex is protected by three 19-ton steel blast vault-type doors.

The “Power Cavern” is a 401-foot-long, 50-foot-wide, 2.7 story high chamber in this massive 600-foot underground complex. The “Power Cavern” provides life support and utility services to the complex and was the primary focus of our project.

“I would like to thank Paulsan Construction, Department of National Defence (Canada), Defence Construction Canada for great cooperation throughout the project. The project team delivered successful project execution without any safety incidents. We are proud to be a part of such a significant milestone.” said Mike Butler, President, Amplistic Inc.

This opportunity provided us with a unique set of extreme weather and logistical challenges not found anywhere else in the world. We are extremely pleased with the final results. “This project resonates with the hallmarks of our company’s agility and tenacity. The team completely embraced the challenges with forward-thinking and exceptional creativity. The responsibility of fully executing on a secure and critical infrastructure awards our organizations with an accolade like no other,” said Ronald Chan, President, Netquity Corporation.