AMI Attachments achieves dual certification

AMI Attachments

AMI Attachments is celebrating a new milestone in its 17-year history of manufacturing attachments for the heavy equipment industry. 

The Ontario-based manufacturer was recently recognized by SSAB as the first dual member worldwide for certification in both Hardox In My Body and My Inner Strenx programs.

“Our dual certification through SSAB is a landmark for AMI Attachments on a global level,” said AMI Attachments President Steve Frey. 

“It’s a strict accreditation process, but it means that we can provide our customers with premium bucket attachments made from genuine wear-resistant steel and high-performance structural steel.  These materials set the standard globally for being harder, tougher and lighter.”

As a certified member of the Hardox In My Body program, AMI Attachments achieves the distinction of providing customers with attachment products manufactured from genuine wear-resistant steel. 

Products made with Hardox steel weigh less, withstand abrasion, perform better and last longer.

The My Inner Strenx program is a trademark sign that identifies the superior steel and quality-controlled production techniques used during the manufacturing process. Working with Strenx high-performance structural steel makes AMI products stronger, lighter, safer, more competitive and more sustainable.

“For AMI customers, this dual certification signifies the quality and long-term performance built into AMI’s products,” said SSAB brand program manager Fei Ying.  “Each application with the Hardox In My Body and My Inner Strenx signs have passed SSAB’s strict quality control and is approved as a premium product by the SSAB board. 

For the certification, specialists within wear and structural technology carefully analyze each application regarding welding quality, manufacturing process and design. 

“The sign of quality with premium ingredients gives every AMI customer a significantly higher equipment value,” Ying said. “Each sign also has a unique I.D. that is traceable and can secure the origin and material.”

AMI Attachments is a manufacturer of attachments for excavators, backhoes, wheel loaders and other heavy construction equipment. With a head office and manufacturing facility in in the Region of Waterloo, AMI Attachments serves the heavy equipment attachment market across Canada and the United States.