Werk-Brau debuts Steelwrist powered tiltrotators

An excavator equipped with a Werk-Brau tiltrotator

Werk-Brau has introduced new tiltrotators, powered by Steelwrist, to provide 360-degrees of endless rotation with a 45-degree tilt angle. 

The tiltrotators feature an SQ sandwich-style coupler and auto lubrication for precise control and flexibility which significantly enhances productivity. 

Seamless integration and automatic lubrication ensure smooth operation, minimal downtime, maximum performance and reduced maintenance requirements. 

An optional gripper with quantum technology provides a secure grip on materials and improves operational efficiency.

As well, compact steel cast components provide an optimal strength to weight ratio, while a low building height and low weight provide optimized digging geometry and fuel efficiency. 

Front pin hook or front pin lock safety solutions work with all types and sizes of excavators. Available for 2 to 33-ton excavators, Werk-Brau Powered by Steelwrist Tiltrotators are ideal for use with general purpose and specialty buckets and attachments like rippers, grapples and pallet forks.