Viably launches the Komptech Lacero high-speed horizontal grinder

A Komptech Lacero from Viably is fed wood waste by an excavator

The Komptech Lacero is the newest addition to the Viably product portfolio and was designed exclusively for the demands of the North American wood waste and organics recycling sector. 

The Komptech Lacero fulfils the specialized needs of wood waste recyclers, mulch producers, logging,  land clearing and organics recycling companies. It is precision-engineered and includes a 104-cm diameter downswing drum powered by a Caterpillar C18 diesel engine and PT Tech clutch, providing up to 812 hp.

The tracked machine also has an optional three-axle dolly system that allows for seamless on-road transport, making it flexible and functional. 

An integrated control system provides real-time diagnostics and a wireless remote control with a comprehensive machine status display for efficient use. The expansive feed hopper and innovative Smart Grind program control deliver continuous and efficient material feed.

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 “The Viably team takes pride in being at the vanguard of delivering innovation to North America waste recyclers, and the Komptech Lacero stands testament to our aspirations,” said Brandon Lapsys, President of Viably. 

“Working with the Komptech factory engineers to craft this machine reflects our commitment to excellence and our insights into the real-world needs of our clients on this continent. 

“The Lacero is not just a product; it’s a pivotal tool reshaping the waste processing landscape.”

The Lacero delivers throughput values of 400 cubic metres per hour in wood waste, while at the same time producing a homogeneous material quality. 

The large feed area with active intake in the form of a steel link belt transports the material to the large intake opening of 760 mm by 1,520 mm. 

The rotor design has 16 armoured wear plates and allows use on both sides, doubling the service life. The Lacero 8010 is driven by a belt drive, which ensures maximum efficiency.

A two-part screen basket system allows the machine to be matched to the desired material quality. The screen basket carrier also has a safety system that is triggered on contact with a massive interfering material, thus protecting the machine from further damage.

Material discharge is provided by the powerful discharge system with a discharge height of almost five metres. Locomotion is ensured by a robust tracked undercarriage with a 50-cm width. 

The machine is equipped with Komptech’s Connect condition monitoring system as standard. It can be expanded to include fully integrated volume throughput measurement to monitor machine performance data.

Last fall, Komptech Americas, the master distributor of Komptech industrial waste processing equipment in North America, announced it is rebranding as Viably.  

The company will continue its longstanding partnership with Komptech GmbH while expanding its product portfolio with new brands and technologies.