Waratah introduces four new harvester heads


Waratah Forestry Equipment has introduced four new harvester heads to its lineup, including the HTH622B Series-III, H415HD, H219 and H219X.

The H219 and H219X harvester heads are two new models added to Waratah’s 200 Series line.

Primarily built for late thinning or final felling, the H219 and H219X have a variety of features for added uptime in harvesting, processing and debarking applications. 

“The robust Waratah H219 and H219X heads define high capacity two-roller productivity,” said Brent Fisher, product marketing manager for Waratah.

“Whether you’re in final felling or variable diameter late thinning in mixed stands, crooked hardwood or debarking applications, the new models deliver versatility with durability, performance and serviceability features our customers expect.” 

The H219, weighing in at 1,970 kg, or the H219X at 2,050 kg, feature a narrow head design to improved visibility in thinning applications, while the two-roller geometry design provides excellent handling of variable diameters and challenging tree forms up to 75 cm in diameter. 

Available configuration options promote productivity in processing applications. These include longer upper-delimb arms, top saw and find-end sensor, which are available for faster processing of logs from the ground. As well, the new length measuring unit has improved geometry and consistency for more precise measurements – reducing measuring loss and reversals.

Additionally, the H219 and H219X are equipped with the new SuperCut 100S saw unit. A highlight of the SuperCut 100S is the improved chain tensioning system, which extends saw bar and tip life, while reducing chain jump-off. The saw also has new mechanical bar locking – making saw chain changes easier. 

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“The H219 and H219X are such great heads for large wheeled or tracked machines, handling so many different large diameter applications,” Fisher said. 

A heavy-duty tilt frame option is available for tracked applications, and it is standard on the H219X. 

Improved hose routing along with new guarding protection on both the exterior and underside of the head help extend hose life. 

The optional top saw now has a more integrated design to improve durability and serviceability. The new design features guarding on the underside to keep splinters and debris away.

Additionally, the new measuring arm design features a larger cylinder and pins, higher contact force and increased shock resistance while a larger and more aggressive measuring wheel expertly handles trees with thick bark.  

HTH622B Series-III 

The new HTH622B Series-III is the next generation of its HTH622B harvester head. The new model combines improved operational performance, proven durability  and new serviceability features for next-level productivity and uptime

“The HTH622B has a loyal customer following and is now better than ever –  as the new HTH622B Series-III,” Fisher said. “We’ve been listening to customers and assessing their needs, and their input has driven development in an even better product with the HTH622B Series-III.” 

The updated HTH622B includes several new features to improve performance. This includes a new valve with better flow-through characteristics for reducing heat, while improving feed speed and sawing performance. 

Additionally, a new measuring arm with 30 mm more travel and sensor protection provides increased accuracy in measuring crooked wood and improved uptime. 

The HTH622B Series-III also features several upgrades for durability in tough woods. A new twin retainer front knife and strengthened upper delimb castings each contribute to improved delimbing durability in the harshest applications. For increased strength and productivity, the head has a new tilt frame and optional integrated colour marking system. 

An optional main saw box strengthening kit for harvesting can provide additional protection, and new top saw motor protection and seals help fight cold weather conditions to improve uptime. 

Supplementing the new valve performance and reliability is faster access to the valve with new integrated handles and tool-less entry – followed by an improved and simplified hose layout, which provides optimum access and serviceability.  

Additionally, a larger saw oil filler makes fills faster with less spills. Improved pin retention also reduces stress on pins and need for servicing, which maximizes uptime. 

“When I saw the new 622B Series-III, I was really amazed,” said Luc Jalbert, owner of Luc Jalbert Foresterie Inc. “I was anxious to take it to the woods to try it. And I think they really succeeded; they made a good thing. In the new series, the operators like the tilt; there is more torque on the rollers; the top saw is faster. And the oil cap – it’s really big.”


The new H415HD, a heavy-duty harvesting head with new features and options, was designed based on customer feedback. 

To increase durability across the range, the frame on the H415HD as well as the H415 and H415X have been strengthened at several locations, thanks to customer feedback, providing more durability and increased uptime. 

The H415HD’s base weight is 1,401 kg, which is 71 kg more than the standard H415. 

“The new H415HD extends durability to our customers providing another configuration to suit their needs and bolster uptime within the size class of 400 Series model Waratah heads,” Fisher said. “We’ll continue to offer the H415 and H415X models, and the new H415HD will be an additional option for our customers looking for that heavy-duty performer for wheeled harvester applications.” 

Standard features of the H415HD include an HD tilt frame with a thicker steel plate, expander pins for upper tilt cylinder, feed roller arms and lower delimbing knives – to improve pin durability and frame longevity. As well, the HD feed motor and hose guards help improve durability of the harvesting head.

To lengthen the service life of the saw bar and alleviate interference in some applications, the H415HD’s saw position was changed to provide more room between the saw bar and stem. All three configurations of the H415 heads now feature the possibility for a wider saw bar and improved saw chain tensioning to reduce chain loss, bar wear and promote more operational productivity. 

The models also share a lower saw box height (30 mm) creating lower stump height and more wood recovery. This is complemented by an improved lower delimbing knife profile for larger stem sizes.