The Eco Log 584F delivers a 16-tonne loading capacity

Eco Log has introduced the new 584F, the sixth forwarder in the company’s range. 

With a loading capacity of 16 tonnes, the 584F is the second largest forwarder in Eco Log’s machine lineup, complementing the existing models in the larger segment, the 574F and 594F. 

Like all machines in Eco Log’s F-series, the 584F is equipped with a Stage V engine from Volvo Penta.

As well, the driveline of the machine has been updated with a new, more powerful bogie customized for the high traction and load capacity that distinguishes Eco Log 584F from other forwarders of the same size. 

“Since the launch of our F-series in the beginning of 2020, we have had a lot of positive feedback on the machines, especially regarding their strength, reliability and flexibility, but also the new design,” said Anders Gustafson, CEO of Eco Log. 

“Now it feels really great to expand our product range to include the Eco Log 584F, a machine that not only possesses all these good features, but also has been developed even further and has a loading capacity that we know our customers request.” 

Eco Log merger

The merger between Eco Log and Gremo earlier  this year created a broad and comprehensive forwarder range, covering a loading capacity from 8.5 tonnes to 20 tonnes.

The new 584F widens the range even more by giving Eco Log the ability to cover the varied needs of the forestry market and to offer forwarder models suited for any possible terrain or task. 

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“Our investment in the forwarder line-up during 2020 is a big and important step ahead to us at Eco Log. With 584F as our latest addition, we are confident and proud in saying that we can offer our customers a complete range of both harvesters and forwarders for productive, profitable and long-term forestry,” Gustafson said. 

The 584F also includes a new range of hydraulic pumps with a standard pump displacement of 175 cubic centimetres, or optional 210 cubic centimetre pump, which enables the unit to be used with a wider choice of cranes. As well, improved oil flow makes it possible to perform simultaneous movements, increasing capacity as well as flexibility. 

For improved serviceability, the grill conveniently opens to the side, making it easier to clean the radiator, while the hood is electrically operated for easier servicing. 

Large fenders make getting in and out of the cab easy and house both a toolbox and batteries, making them easily accessible.