Volvo CE expands its material handler line-up

material handler

Designed for the light waste handling segment, Volvo Construction Equipment has introduced the all-new EW200E material handler.

Alongside the new introduction, Volvo CE’s has also updated the EW240E material handler.

“A dedicated material handler is purpose-built for these applications, compared with modifying an excavator to fit into these segments,” said Matthew McLean, product manager of excavators at Volvo CE.

“Now we’ve added a second machine to our lineup with the EW200E MH, which is perfect for light and medium material handling like plastic, household waste and scrap.”

The EW200E material handler weighs 22.6 tons and is powered by Volvo’s 173 hp D6J 6-litre Tier 4 Final engine. The machine has three boom and arm configurations. The straight boom can be fitted with either a 4-metre gooseneck arm or a 3.5 metre sorting arm, giving the EW200E a max reach of 10 metres and a max lifting capacity of 11,612 kg.

The 26-ton EW240E material handler was introduced in 2018 for medium-duty applications. The machine has been updated to include a 7.25 metre straight boom, which is more than 60 cm longer than the previous model.

When combined with the existing 4.88 metre gooseneck arm, the new total reach is more than 11.8 metres.

The two material handlers share numerous components with other Volvo CE wheeled excavators.

The hydraulics are matched to the Volvo engine, allowing the machines to find the sweet spot between engine speed and hydraulic efficiency.

As well, the boom float function and boom cylinder dampening minimize vibration and hold the grapple in place for improved stability. The grapple control and soft swing system work together for instantaneous response and smooth precision.

More news from Volvo CE:

In addition, Volvo material handlers offer application-specific features to increase productivity, uptime and operator comfort.

The option of four stabilizers — front blade and rear outrigger — are standard. Furthermore, the cab can be raised to nearly 5 metres above the ground, and includes double-damped mounts to reduce noise and vibration

Outriggers, blade and cab-raising functions can be completed without removing hands from joysticks, while factory-installed auxiliary circuits enable sorting grabs and orange-peel grapples.

Volvo CE’s Comfort Drive Control also provides the ability to drive up to 19 km per hour using the roller on the joystick.

The material handlers also include:

  • Adjustable arm-in and height limitations.
  • Can be ordered without the steering column.
  • Auto idle and auto engine shutdown.
  • Optional solid rubber tires.
  • Optional waste package: protective screens and a reversible fan.
  • Optional Smart View feature for bird’s eye view of machine.

The EW200E MH and EW240E MH are eligible for a free year of ActiveCare Direct, the Volvo telematics service that provides 24/7 machine monitoring and fleet utilization reporting.