TRK Attachments is manufacturing fifth generation scoop rakes

Scoop Rake

Severe duty scoop rakes have by far the best overall effectiveness for heavy applications and production land clearing.

The scoop design allows the operator to get right under stumps, big rocks and large roots. Another advantage is the scoop profile allows the operator to handle bigger loads of material, and easily sift out dirt.

As well, thicker shanks with replaceable teeth drastically reduce maintenance throughout the rake’s lifecycle.

TRK Attachments, based in St. Catharines, Ontario, is now manufacturing fifth generation design severe duty rakes.

“It’s the small details that make a quality product. Our customers come to us again and again because they know we take pride in what we manufacture,” said Thomas Knapp, owner of TRK Attachments.

The geometry, grades and thicknesses of steel are all tweaked for optimal cost to weight ratio.

According to TRK, its rake’s angled cutting-edge slices through roots at the perfect angle, with a ridged cross member for the shanks. The rake’s thick shanks negate the need for gussets so nothing will impede the flow of material.

The extra thick shanks are self-supported, allowing for deeper unimpeded ground penetration.

TRK’s severe duty scoop rakes are designed for 8 to 60 ton excavators and designed to include case hardened pin bosses.

Each attachment is constructed using a dialled-in combination of hardened steels (AR400) and structural steel (50W), so that the severe duty rake has some flexibility where it is necessary.

“Our steel is always preheated to 300 F before welding, never exceeds 500 F for interpass welds and we only use top quality metal core mig wire,” Knapp said, noting the company only uses steel sourced from Canada or the United States.

Severe duty scoop rakes are available in a scoop shape or in a standard root rake shape. As well, the rakes are available in widths of 91 cm 213 cm, depending on the machine’s weight class.

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