FLO Components announces SM luber for compact equipment

flo components

FLO Components Ltd. has announced the introduction of the new SM Luber.

The SM Luber was designed as a compact and economical automatic greasing system, specifically for any compact machine where space for attachments is at a premium.   

The “SM” stands for “Small Machine”, according to FLO’s Marketing Specialist, Gabriel Lopez.

“Mini-excavators, telehandlers, skid-steers, sidewalk tractors — any machine where a regular full-sized autogreaser just wouldn’t be practical is a potential candidate for using the SM Luber,” Lopez explained.

The SM Luber operates essentially the same as the regular full-size systems, dispensing small measured amounts of lubricant at frequent intervals while equipment is operating, maintaining a consistent lubricant seal to prevent dirt and contaminants from migrating into bearings.

“The SM Luber really differs in two ways,” Lopez said. 

“First is its small profile, which makes it very versatile in so far as finding space to install it on compact equipment.  Second is that you don’t have to mess around with complicated grease pumps or other methods of filling the reservoir.  Simply remove the lid like you would on a grease gun, insert your standard grease cartridge, replace the lid and you’re ready to go.”

The system includes a 12 VDC timer and a mounting bracket.  The standard off-the-shelf model services up to 12 grease points using a single distribution valve.

“The SM Luber comes with all the necessary hose and fittings and includes a simple step-by-step manual. You can install it yourself and avoid the installation costs normally associated with other, more complex lubrication systems.”

FLO Components  is a Canadian automatic greasing systems specialist and supplier of Total Lube Solutions to major manufacturers and users of trucks and heavy equipment. 

Established in 1977, FLO Components’ solutions include systems design, auto lube systems, hammer lube systems, general lube equipment, specialty lubes, on-site service and installation, lube audits, lubrication training, scheduled on-site maintenance programs, and a factory authorized warranty & service facility