Takeuchi’s latest compact excavator includes a side-to-side offset boom

offset boom

The new TB257FR from Takeuchi-US features a patented side-to-side offset boom that combines with a tight tail swing enabling it to rotate fully with minimal overhang. 

This ability makes the compact excavator ideal for working in a variety of confined jobsites including road and bridge work, city streets and in between buildings.

“Takeuchi is excited to offer our customers the TB257FR excavator,” said Keith Kramlich, national product and training manager at Takeuchi-US

The TB257FR features an operating weight of 5,790 kg, a dig depth of 3.9 metres, a maximum reach of 6.2 metres, bucket breakout force of 4,731 kg, and provides excellent working range and performance. 

The side-to-side boom feature enables the TB257FR to dig offset to the right or left side of the excavator, without needing to reposition the machine. To enhance stability, this feature allows more of the counterweight to remain in line with the centre of the machine.

Another advantage of this system is the boom’s ability to be stowed over centre. This allows the TB257FR to perform a full rotation just outside the width of the track. 

“Takeuchi’s commitment to our tradition of innovation and advancing technology is showcased in this machine,” Kramlich said. “The patented side-to-side offset boom allows for greater working versatility, and the low centre of gravity and optimized counterweight placement creates an extremely stable platform with lifting capabilities similar to that of a conventional machine.”

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The TB257FR compact excavator is powered by a Kubota V2403-CR-TE5B turbocharged diesel engine, which delivers 52.3 hp and 141.5 foot-pounds of torque. 

A DOC and DPF exhaust aftertreatment system ensures compliance with current EPA emission standards and provides environmentally friendly operation.

An available cab for the TB257FR excavator provides an automotive styled interior equipped with air conditioning, heat, defrost, windshield wiper and washer, skylight with sunshade, Bluetooth radio and a high back suspension seat with head rest. 

The cab of the TB257FR is designed specifically to minimize fatigue and keep the operator comfortable throughout the workday