Steqcan develops new excavator chain bucket

The Steqcan Chain Bucket offers continual movement through its row of heavy-duty chains.

Steqcan Inc. has launched a new product to their attachment line for excavator and backhoe users that is designed to improve excavating productivity and decrease labour and down-time.

The Steqcan Chain Bucket offers continual movement through its row of heavy-duty chains that releases soil and materials when dumping and prevents residue build-up inside the bucket.

“With traditional buckets, dirt and materials will often begin to clump and stick to the bottom and backwall of the bucket, requiring regular cleaning throughout the day,” said John Stoop, designer of the new Steqcan bucket. “Our chain design offers continual movement and release of soil that prevents this build-up from occurring, keeping the bucket clean and the operator in the cab. Material fallout is very minimal, in most cases even gravel can be loaded.”

By eliminating this build-up, users will reduce the amount of physical labour required for cleaning out the bucket and down-time they have historically experienced throughout the day.

The bucket is made using heavy-duty Hardox components — a high wear-resistant steel grade from Sweden — and is available in 60 cm to 2.4 metre widths for machine classes of 7 to 40 tonnes.

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The Steqcan Chain Bucket for excavator and backhoes is now available for sale across Canada. Steqcan Inc., based in Westmeath, Ontario, was established in January 2013 and serves the Canadian market with their selection of agricultural, landscape, municipal, construction and industrial equipment.

Their mission is to provide high-quality and innovative machinery to help improve the functionality and best practices of today’s workers.