Speednut helps fast track bushing replacement

bushing replacement

Gordian Tools has developed a new device that promises to safely make short work of bushing replacement for heavy equipment mechanics. 

The Edmonton, Alberta-based company has developed a new tool that can remove and replace bushings in heavy equipment as much as 80 per cent faster than existing methods. 

The Speednut Bushing Replacement System is a patent-pending bushing replacement tool that works with existing hydraulic equipment. The Speednut system replaces the need for threaded rod when removing or installing press fit bushings. 

“We’re working out of Edmonton, servicing the local market, and we’re getting some good feedback. So, we’re ready to go to the next level,” said Jeff Pasay, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing. “We know we have a good tool here.”

Speednut is engineered to safely handle the extreme loads required to insert or remove the bushings that house bearings and pins in heavy equipment and vehicles. 

Speednut is designed and tested to operate under the massive loads required for bushing replacement. Gordian engineered the tool’s components to reduce the risk of tools breaking under heavy loads that may cause injuries or equipment damage. 

Speednut’s load ratings match the hydraulic cylinders load ratings, which ensures a safe set-up every time.

“There’s no product out there that’s rated for this stuff,” Pasay said. “They’re using cylinders that are 30, 60 or 100 tons. Ours is the only product that’s rated to match those loads. You can safely push bushings in all day long. Nothing’s going to break or snap.” 

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The Speednut System utilizes Slide and Lock technology. To use the device, the mechanic opens the Speednut, slides it into position and locks it down. 

bushing replacement

The bushing replacement system eliminates the frustration of trying to spin a nut on a stretched threaded rod. 

“Threaded rods stretch. When you try to put a nut on it, it gets stuck. And it can take you a long time to fight with that threaded rod to get that nut up to speed,” Pasay said.  

The Speednut system gives mechanics the advantage of productive time. Gordian Tools tested the Speednut at several heavy mechanic shops. They found their invention was able to drastically reduce the time spent changing bushings. 

“It would take an average of half an hour to install a bushing. With our system, they did it in 4 minutes,” Pasay said. “Replacing bushing is a real big plug in the shop. It stops equipment from moving through quickly.”

Speednut is available in 30 ton and 60 ton kits. Each kit includes a Speednut, a 122 cm Helirod, a Hexxnut, a 10-cm washer plate and a field case. 

Gordian Tools is also developing 100 ton and 15 ton bushing replacement system, which will be available soon.

Watch the Speednut bushing replacement tool in action