Flo Components introduces the 1st rechargeable oil pump to Canada

Flo components

Flo Components Ltd. is introducing the industry’s first rechargeable oil pump to Canada.

The Macnaught BOP20 is the world’s first industrial-grade, completely portable and rechargeable, 18V battery operated oil pump for 19 litre buckets. 

The BOP20 is manufactured in Australia and designed specifically to improve workshop efficiency and reduce fatigue. Flo Components was recently selected to represent Macnaught in Ontario and Manitoba. 

“The BOP20 is an innovative, award-winning new product and has been very popular in vehicle service and industrial settings,” said Mike Deckert, vice president of Flo Components. 

“It’s ideal for small shops, remote locations, or on mobile applications as they no longer have to buy an air compressor in order to eliminate manual pumping.  It replaces troublesome manual pumps and eliminates the messy practice of trying to pour oil directly from the bucket into smaller containers.  With the flick of a button, it can dispense all types of hydraulic oil, gear oils to light weight oils, from 5 gallon containers.”

The modular design of the BOP20 allows the powerhead to be transferred across multiple pump stems to reduce set-up costs and eliminate cross-contamination. 

The ‘on-demand’ flow nozzle allows full control over delivery of 151 litre of oil on a typical full charge at 4 litres.

“At Flo Components, we provide turnkey solutions to take away our customers’ pain.  The BOP20 is beneficial anywhere anybody has to transfer or dispense oil, in terms of accuracy, technician efficiency, reduced spills, increase safety and overall productivity.  It’s a perfect product for us as it further enhances Flo Components’ ability to help customers protect their equipment and employees while improving productivity,” Deckert said.   

Macnaught is a manufacturer of grease, oil and fuel equipment, hose reels and positive displacement flow meters for the agricultural, automotive, industrial, mining and transport industries. The global company was founded in 1948.