SENNEBOGEN expands tree care handler lineup with the 728 E

SENNEBOGEN's new 728 E reaches up, towards a tree, with its cab raised for better sightlines.

With the introduction of the 728 E-Series, SENNEBOGEN looks to keep trees from falling in, and obstructing access to, residential areas and streets. This new machine features a reach of up to 69 feet (21 m).

The new SENNEBOGEN 728 E has long work equipment, consisting of a 30 ft (9.2 m) compact boom and a 20 ft (6 m) telescopic stick. Also, the machine can achieve a working range of up to 69 feet (21 m). In terms of stability, its mobile undercarriage has a width of 13 ft and pneumatic tires.

Easy transport, easy setup

According to the company, the 728 E is optimal for use along roads and forest paths. It features a transport dimension of 10 feet (3 m) and can be transported quickly using a lowboy trailer.

Additionally, since it is as rubber-tire machine, workers can easily move it between sites. SENNEBOGEN claims that removal of trees and shrubs along traffic routes can occur safely and precisely, with minimal manpower. Also, its compact design lends to minimizing traffic disruptions.

Customizable sightlines

The 728 E features SENNEBOGEN’s Maxcab. Therefore, its cab can lift 9 ft (2.7 m) and tilt up to 30 degrees, giving operators freedom to position themselves for optimal visibility. Furthermore, protection of the operator comes by way of roof, front grilles and bulletproof windshields and side windows. The cab itself offers a panoramic view over the working area, while cameras provide additional support to ensure maximum visibility.

SENNEBOGEN's new 728 E reaches over guardrail to trim foliage.

Power and hydraulics

A Tier IV Final diesel engine with 187 HP (140 kW) provides power to the 728 E, driving the two hydraulic circuits. Also, the machine comes standard with a separate, high flow capacity auxiliary hydraulic system for independent operation of attachments. So, depending on the application, the machine can be operated with a grapple saw, mulcher, cutting unit, among other attachments.