SBM is integrating AI into its REMAX 600 impact crusher

The SBM REMAX 600 impact crusher

Using the platform of its new REMAX 600 impact crusher, SBM is taking a step closer towards autonomous crushing. 

Thanks to worldwide access to specially developed, database-based IT solutions, the plant will independently analyze feed material and production grain sizes and optimize its own operation in real time.

This ability will support machine operators from project planning to actual operation and predictive maintenance.

Artificial intelligence

The new plant serves as a technology platform for the first fully automatic production monitoring and control that SBM is currently developing with researchers at Montan University Leoben in Austria. 

Based upon an innovative sensor system, video technology, communication and IT networks, as well as technological innovations such as the automatic gap adjustment, artificial intelligence is being integrated into mobile processing for the first time. 

In large-scale test runs with REMAX 600 all relevant system components will be optimized under practical conditions in the coming year.

According to estimates, testing will be completed and market maturity of the autonomous technology can be transferred to other power classes sometime in 2024.

Autonomous R&D

SBM’s research and development into autonomous crushing began more than two years. 

The aim of the project is to make the step from current extensively monitored crushing processes to autonomous fully-automated production by means of intelligent self-learning mobile crushers.

In the already advanced project, the machine independently assesses feed material and final products via sensors and camera systems, registers load conditions of crusher and conveyor equipment and optimizes all separation processes down to overbelt magnetic separators and wind sifters. 

Crush Control, SBM’s control system, validates all operating conditions and material properties in real-time and sends the values to the SBM headquarters via cloud. 

A “digital twin” compiles real machine data with thousands of stored reference data coming from 1:1 quality testing, laboratory tests and computer simulations. The determined optimization potentials are sent back to the machine control system, and this allows for immediate and permanent adaptation of all process steps on site without any stoppages.

Based upon specific data, the plant can be configured to exactly meet the requirements by selecting the right screening equipment before the plant is relocated or the feed materials are changed. By means of an interactive menu control, even inexperienced operators can precisely adjust the production process, depending on whether maximum output, minimum fuel consumption or quantity-optimized production of certain valuable grain sizes are required. 

The impact crusher’s newly integrated tool monitoring is another benefit as it counteracts shortfalls in quality due to wear during production, and also provides key support for preventive maintenance.

The SBM REMAX series 

The REMAX 600 delivers a 600 tonne per hour production capacity and features a 1.4-metre wide impact crusher for feed sizes up to 1 metre. 

The crusher weighs 60 to 80 tonnes depending on the equipment and up to five high-quality fractions in one pass thanks to triple air classification and highly efficient magnetic separation. 

The first deliveries of the REMAX 600 are planned for mid-2023. 

In addition to the serial pre-screening via a double-deck circular vibratory screen, there are three optional secondary circular vibratory product screens (one, two or three decks) all facilitating recirculation of oversize material, and cantilevering discharge conveyors for large product stockpiles. 

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Even fully equipped, the plant allows transportation in one piece and short set-up times of 45 to 60 minutes with no further auxiliary means, even in one-man operation. 

As with all mobile plants made by SBM, the REMAX 600 is equipped with a consumption-optimized diesel-electric ‘hybrid’ drive. The crusher is powered by a 15-litre Tier 4 Final Cummins turbo diesel engine and a 520-kVa generator powers all electric drives – from the 250-kW strong electric motor of the crusher through the complete conveying and screening equipment to the two electrically driven hydraulic units of chassis and working hydraulics system. 

The high-torque drive system facilitates permanently low speeds, which results in low environmental impacts, especially in a documented average fuel consumption of 40 litres per hour, even with high utilization of all ancillary components. 

As with all hybrid electrified SBM mobiles, the REMAX 600 offers in specific market regions an optional all-electric grid operation. Once activated, all plant features and functions remain available, while considerably reducing on-site emissions and bringing energy savings to new levels.