Roadtec goes big with the SX-8e

Roadtec has launched the SX-8e, its largest machine in the company’s line of soil stabilizer-reclaimers.

The SX-8e, designed for road rehabilitation, cold recycling or soil stabilization, has an operating weight of 82,000 lbs., and is capable of cutting up to 20 in. deep and 100 in. wide.

The machine’s weight is distributed between its two axles, resulting in power being applied more efficiently. With its weight balanced over the cutter, the machine is designed to handle challenging surface and ground conditions.

The SX-8e features a Tier 4i Caterpillar C18 755 hp engine, while the SX-8ex is equipped with a Tier 3 Caterpillar C18 700 hp, which is intended for countries with fewer regulations. The engine provides power to the rotor through a direct drum drive.

The SX-8 rotor is designed for milling and mixing resistant soils. A variable geometry cutter housing enables the machine to achieve material gradation with each pass. The variable geometry design positions the cutter in a way that promotes material sizing and flow. Heavy-duty front and rear doors are hydraulically adjustable for additional control of grade and flow.

An air-shift 4-speed transmission is included to allow the change of cutter speeds without a loss in production. As well, the operator is able to select the appropriate cutter speed for the right conditions, without making modifications to the cutter drive, saving time and effort.

The Roadtec cooling system

The SX-8 cooling system pulls air from the top of the machine before it is exhausted through the radiator package. This design is intended to reduce the amount of dust travelling though the cooling system. In addition, clean-out panels provide access for radiator maintenance.

With operator comfort and visibility also in mind, the ergonomic design of the sealed cabin allows the operator to reach all controls and systems. Joystick controls and four different steering modes supports the machine’s manoeuverability and operation. The stabilizer-reclaimer’s hydraulically-controlled suspension allows the depth of cut to be selected via push button.

Furthermore, the SX-8 frame, designed for all terrain types, is built at Roadtec from strong A656 grade 80 steel, which the company claims offers twice the yield strength of mild steel.

The wheels are suspended by four independently-controlled hydraulically adjustable leg assemblies that are bolted to the mainframe. The cutter housing is also securely fastened to the mainframe, providing strength and precision while the machine is working.