Komatsu introduces new intelligent Machine Control excavator

Komatsu excavator intelligent Machine Control

Komatsu has introduced the new PC210LCi-11, intelligent Machine Control hydraulic excavator, which includes the eagerly-awaited machine-control-joystick functionality.

This second generation PC210LCi leverages the success of the previous PC210LCi-10. New technology offers up to a 63 per cent improvement in excavating efficiency over a standard PC210LC-11 and traditional stake-plus-grade-checker methods.

The extra efficiency can save time and money by minimizing the need and expense of grading dozers and grade checkers. As well, it minimizes the costs associated with over-excavating, including extra materials, fuel and time. Furthermore, the new machine utilizes the time usually spent waiting on grade checkers and over-excavation to finish jobs and potentially collect on-time or finish-early project bonuses.

“This excavator is productive and precise enough to be a fixture on jobsites from basement and foundation pads to utility work,” said Sebastian Witkowski, product marketing manager for Komatsu America. “In addition to the industry-leading efficiency all machine owners look for, the added convenience of the machine-control-joystick functionality should make operators happy too.”

Intelligent Machine Control

Pioneering intelligent Machine Control almost five years ago provided Komatsu’s network of technology solutions experts with experience helping customers maximize their intelligent machine control investment. That experience helped customers identify integrated solutions, such as SmartConstruction solution services, including 3D modeling, jobsite setup, operator training; trouble shooting of 3D GNSS technology via included cellular modem; Bundled block time TSE support packages, including on-site and remote/phone support; and Komatsu distributor single point-of-contact for all base machine or machine control issues.

Key features of intelligent Machine Control

  • Factory integrated: intelligent Machine Control technology is factory installed and integrated into the base machine.
  • Machine control function enabled joysticks: Frequently used machine control functions are located on the operator’s control lever for convenience.
  • Full 3D GNSS capabilities: The PC210LCi-11 features full 3D capabilities, allowing it to dig to grade everywhere on the jobsite.
  • Work equipment automation: GNSS technology is tied into machine hydraulics to allow actual automation of work equipment functions.
  • Intelligent guidance: Advanced features such as a facing angle compass and minimum distance bucket control are delivered with a 12.1 in. touchscreen display.