Trade railway ties without disrupting the track

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The RBS tie changer is capable of continuous 360-degree rotation and multi-directional tilting up to 55 degrees when paired with Kinshofer’s NOX-Tiltrotator.

Kinshofer introduces three new excavator attachments for railway maintenance

Kinshofer has introduced a trio of attachments for railway maintenance and repair.

The three railway attachments — the RBS, RBS20 and RBS20HPX — may be used with 12- to 24-ton railway excavators to quickly exchange existing concrete and wooden ties without disrupting the track.

The RBS20 can also switch from handling standard mono-block ties to bi-block ties without modification, thanks to its internal and external fitted pads.

“Railroad crews don’t have time to bring in large tie exchangers for quick repairs and maintenance; it’s a cumbersome and time-consuming process,” said Francois Martin, general manager of Kinshofer North America.

“Our tie changers enable quick and easy repairs with a machine that’s readily available — an excavator. An experienced operator can change as many as 40 sleepers per hour with one of our attachments.”

Kinshofer designed the tie changers to make quick work of railway maintenance as well as short track segment repairs, small track exchanges and placement of secondary tracks. The attachments’ large shields allow operators to easily clear ballast from the tracks. After the new tie is placed, the attachments allow operators to quickly backfill and level the ballast.

The lightweight RBS tie changer is able to replace various concrete and wood railway ties using hydraulically operated grippers for precise operation. The RBS comes standard with a Nordic s-style coupler adapter. Other adapters are also available.

Continuous rotation

For enhanced efficiency, the attachment is capable of continuous 360-degree rotation and multi-directional tilting up to 55 degrees when paired with Kinshofer’s NOX-Tiltrotator. The compact, cylinderless unit enables operators to pick up items close to the tracks and work quickly with minimal excavator movement.

The RBS20 offers additional features and capabilities, including removable bolt-on ballast buckets and the ability to handle bi-block ties. The changer grabs the bi-block ties by opening the hydraulic gripper to wedge it between the blocks. The unit features an adjustable plunge depth as well as durable pads on the inside and outside of the gripper to ensure a secure grip regardless of the railway tie style. Furthermore, the RBS20 does not require a tiltrotator as it features an integrated 15-ton rotator for 360-degree endless rotation.

The RBS20HPX also features adjustable plunge depth, integrated 360-degree rotation and bolt-on buckets.

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As well, it adds Kinshofer’s low-maintenance HPX cylinderless drive with exchangeable shell system for the gripping unit, which achieves 25 per cent greater power than traditional cylinder driven attachments.

Both the RBS20 and RBS20HPX are available with bolt-on adapters for different quick coupling systems.

All three attachments operate on a 2,880-psi hydraulic circuit. The RBS20 and RBS20HPX require a second, 5,040-psi hydraulic circuit to power the 15-ton rotator.

To ensure safe operation, Kinshofer designed the attachments with a special holding valve, which maintains a secure grip even if pressure drops.

Kinshofer manufactures the tie changers with quality Hardox steel, reducing wear and increasing product longevity. The attachments come with an industry leading two-year warranty.