New Volvo EC530E and EC550E bring 60-ton power to the 50-ton class

Hero image of the EC550E Crawler Excavator

Fuel efficiency, precision, operator productivity and comfort make these Volvo 50-ton excavators the powerhouses of their class.

“When Volvo CE enters a new size class, we want to meet the needs of our customers while also making an impression,” said Sejong Ko, product manager, excavators, at Volvo CE.

“We’ve done that with the EC530E and EC550E excavators. Contractors get the power of a larger machine at a lower weight, along with additional fuel-saving and uptime-enhancing features.”

Featuring the most powerful engine in the class, these two new machines provide high tractive force and swing torque.

The EC530E and EC550E will make job sites more efficient with their ability to reduce cycle times when loading haulers in the 30 and 40-ton classes.

Fuel Efficiency and Precision

Independent Metering Valve Technology (IMVT) help to achieve a 25% increase in fuel efficiency. A significant achievement for the 50-ton class.

The electric hydraulic system and controls outclass traditional mechanical systems. They provide more precise operation and lower engine speeds, while maintaining power.


Operators Rejoice

Comfort Drive Control reduces fatigue by allowing operators to steer with joystick rollers rather than traditional pedals.

Operators also have the ability to prioritize functions in both the EC530E and EC550E. This allows selected functions like boom/swing or boom/travel to take precedence.

Additionally, bounce reduction technology allows for smooth and precise operation.

As an option, operators are further assisted by the Dig Assist control system, powered by Volvo Co-Pilot, offering more excavation accuracy.

Extended Volvo engine oil changes (1000 hours) reduce both time and cost, keeping the 50-ton powerhouses on task for longer intervals.