IMT hydraulic loader enhanced with high crane capacity

hydraulic loader

Iowa Mold Tooling (IMT) has released the new 42684 hydraulic loader, which  features a vertical reach of  29 metres.

Launched at the 2018 Gypsum Management Supply (GMS) Expo in Charlotte, North Carolina, the hydraulic loader is the latest addition to IMT’s portfolio of loader cranes.

“Our newest hydraulic loader crane offers customers another option for precise handling and expert maneuverability of palletized materials in the building supply construction industries,” said John Field, product manager at Iowa Mold Tooling. “IMT designs our loaders to lift more, reach farther and last longer.”

The hydraulic loader features the highest rating in the IMT lineup at 305,580 foot-pounds. It has a maximum lift capacity of 4,763 kg, up to 25.6 metres of horizontal reach and a maximum vertical reach of 29 metres.

A hydraulic out-and-down stabilizer span provides customers with stability for loading and unloading palletized goods, while a high lift-to-weight ratio allows for maximum payload on the truck.

“At IMT, we’re committed to helping our customers achieve improved productivity, profitability and efficiency with our products. The new 42684 provides the strength, reach and precision to quickly and easily load and unload materials,” Field said. “The 42684 offers the longest and highest lift capacity of any IMT loader crane currently in the market.”

IMT hydraulic loaders are manufactured with an environmentally-friendly surface treatment that enhances resistance to impact and corrosion.

As well, the hydraulic loader may be equipped with the optional Electronic Vehicle Stability (EVS) system to increase the working area of the crane by calculating improved stability conditions.

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Additional features of the new IMT 42684 hydraulic loader include;  radio remote with InfoCenter, which features a two-line monochrome LED display for real-time loader conditions; Progressive Crane Control (PCC) for smooth crane movement; Priority Flow Control (PFC) to optimize crane movement during operation of multiple functions; a 420 degree turntable with dual planetary gear drive; and a standard oil cooler to extend hydraulic system longevity.