Metso Outotec introduces its new Superior MKIII 6275UG crusher

Metso Outotec

Metso Outotec has developed the Superior MKIII 6275UG, an extension to its primary gyratory crusher range.

The new crusher, which can be used in different types of applications, provides large capacity with significant savings in capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating costs.

“We are very excited about the Superior MKIII 6275UG.  As a direct response to the market demand, we’ve designed a more compact primary gyratory crusher reducing CapEx that is applicable to both underground and above ground applications for the mining industry,” said Jim Bathie, vice president of mining crushers at Metso Outotec. “We think that we have achieved our goal and upheld the superior standards we are known for.”

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The crusher was created to meet the need for a high capacity underground primary crusher that did not require a primary feeder or scalper, as well as the associated infrastructure therein.  

Minimizing the need for high-cost stationary grids to control topsize underground was a necessity, and the large topsize acceptance was met with the new UG design. 

As well, the underground crusher required the ability to transport the components down shafts with space restrictions, assemble the crusher with minimal need for welding and hot works and the ability to feed the crusher from 360 degrees around the feed opening. Metso met all requirements with the 6275UG MKIII.

Larger opening

The 6275UG crusher’s feed opening is 15 per cent larger than similar crushers, while also reaching up to 30 per cent more capacity than comparable crushers. Optimized production can be ensured with advanced automation. 

The up to 10 per cent reduction in station height translates into a remarkable reduction in the CapEx costs, reaching up to 20 per cent.

Other key design targets for the new Superior MKIII 6275UG crusher included reductions in downtime and easy maintenance. 

With the MKIII UG, downtime can be reduced by up to 70 per cent, thanks to concave replacements with another Metso Outotec proprietary innovation, the Rotable Topshell. 

The Superior MKIII 6275UG is designed to be part of a SmartStation, where productivity and availability are optimized with sophisticated automation in each phase of the process. 

Auto analysis 

Incoming material analysis is automatic with VisioTruck, and Metso Outotec Metrics provide analytical dashboards and condition monitoring to ensure optimal crusher performance. 

A consistent vault level is ensured with automatic crusher adjustments. VisioRock and control system is used for wear compensation.