Mecalac launches the versatile 136MRail in North America

Mecalac launches the versatile 136MRail in North America

Mecalac has announced the launch of its new 136MRail rail-road excavator to the North American market.

According to the company, the 136MRail, a crawler-based excavator with factory integrated hi-rail, combines all the functions of a state-of-the-art excavator with exceptional lifting, towing and loading capabilities.

With its rail gear raised, the 136MRail can be operated as an excavator on regular terrain, offering operators maximum versatility with a single machine.

At 13 tons, with a 75hp engine, Mecalac claims it to be ideal for light to medium service and maintenance jobs. Furthermore, the machine’s boom incorporates an offset feature for applications such as cleaning ditches along the tracks.

“This model was designed to be the go-to machine for Class 1 railroads, light rail and industrial rail operations,” said Peter Bigwood, general manager of Mecalac North America. “The 136MRail is unrivaled in its compactness-to-performance ratio, speed and versatility.”

The 136MRail is based on Mecalac’s compact skid excavator (MCR) concept. These multi-function machines are designed to serve as excavators, loaders and material handlers in one.

Attachments such as grapple buckets, tie-removers, power brooms and trenching buckets allow users to accomplish a wide variety of tasks around rail systems.

The 136MRail provides heightened versatility by offering all these functions both on and off the rail.

Equipped with an optional pneumatic brake system, it can tow up to 14-ton trailers.

In terms of travel speed, on-rail it can reach up to 20 km/h (12.4 mph) and off rail is 9.6 km/h (5.6 mph). Its ability to easily move on and off the rail allows it to efficiently access jobsites anywhere along the track.

Mecalac launches the versatile 136MRail in North America

The 136MRail joins the 10-ton 106MRail as the second of two tracked models in Mecalac’s four-model MRail series.

Unlike traditional machines, Mecalac’s MRail series offers an articulated 2-piece boom that is situated on the side of the cab. This allows the operator to angle the first part of the boom back to increase stability during lifting, which enhances safety and productivity overall, but especially for those operators working in confined areas such as tunnels. The 136MRail also features a 1-yd3 skid loader bucket that provides 72% more capacity than other machines of its size.

Similar in application to the 106MRail, but with added capacity, the 136MRail can scoop and load ballast as well as unload and spread ballast on the track.

“We set out to revolutionize rail-road excavators with our MRail Series. Through its agility, lifting capacity, short rear and front radius and outstanding visibility all around, we truly believe our 136MRail is accomplishing that,” Bigwood said. “As these machines are brought to the North American market, we are excited to hear about the positive impact they will have on our customers’ operations and confident they will prove a valuable addition to their equipment fleet.”