McElroy adds two new fusion machines to its TracStar iSeries

Static image of a McElroy fusion machine

Building upon the legacy of the TracStar iSeries fusion machines, McElroy is introducing the TracStar 412i and 618i.

The two new fusion machines join the TracStar 630i, 900i and 1200i in the series. Like their current Series 2 counterparts, the TracStar 412i is designed to fuse pipe sizes from 11-cm IPS to 34-cm, and the TracStar 618i fuses pipe from 18-cm IPS to 45-cm OD.

“We are always looking for ways to increase operator productivity,” said Geoff Koch, McElroy’s Vice President of Product Development. “These new machines incorporate the added technology of our existing TracStar iSeries line into the proven success of our TracStar 412 and 618 Series 2 units. These upgrades will translate into countless hours and dollars saved in the field.”

These new McElroy machines include a few key differences from their Series 2 counterparts. The TracStar 412i and 618i will incorporate the FusionGuide Control system, included on other TracStar iSeries models, providing operators with three levels of control during the fusion process. Each level has varying degrees of assistance, from manual control to fully automatic fusion.

As well, a new indexer keeps the heater and facer attached to the four-jaw carriage, condensing the heater, facer and jaws into a single unit.

Operators will be able to move the indexer side to side along a set of rails, allowing the heater and facer to be positioned between the carriage’s movable jaws as needed.

The indexer also includes a built-in stripping and release mechanism. Once the heat soak phase of the fusion process has been completed and the operator opens the carriage, the mechanism automatically strips the heater from the ends of the pipe. As the carriage continues to move, the indexer will then retract the heater out of the fusion zone.

The two new fusion machines feature an improved design that represents its inclusion into the TracStar iSeries. The new look allows for a larger-volume hydraulic tank that is secured beneath the machine’s dome. In addition to providing additional cooling, the new design also reduces the risk of accidentally adding the wrong fluid to the hydraulic tank.

McElroy DataLogger

Like the larger machines, the Tractor 412i and 618i will be controlled via the DataLogger, McElroy’s ruggedized tablet that records fusion parameters and other pertinent data during the fusion process.

After the operator prepares the pipe and enters all joint details, the enhanced guided workflow manages machine pressures, carriage and shift sequence to ensure compliance and a successful fusion.

All required fusion operations, including machine pressures, carriage open/close and shift sequence will be controlled using the DataLogger. 

“As accountability and quality assurance become a top priority, we want to let our operators and contractors seamlessly track their fusion data,” Koch said.

McElroy is expected to begin shipping the TracStar 412i and TracStar 618i fusion machines in June 2024.