Elliott Equipment improves digger derrick operability

Elliott Equipment new D47 digger derrick

Designed to meet the needs of demanding distribution applications, Elliott Equipment Company has introduced its new D47 digger derrick.

The D47 digger derrick features an 11,793 kg maximum lifting capacity, making it ideal for a wide range of lifting and material handling tasks.

It also has a 5.2-metre to 7.9-metre digging radius, making it capable of reaching difficult-to-access areas. Standard features including 46 kV insulation, independent boom operation, transferable pole guide, line body and a rear mounted hydraulic tool circuit.

“We are really excited to introduce the D47 digger derrick,” said Jim Glazer, President and CEO of Elliott Equipment Company. “This new product is designed with the operator in mind, and we believe it is the most user-friendly distribution digger derrick on the market today.” 

In addition to its performance features, the D47 is also designed to ensure it is easy to operate and maintain. These features include full pressure, open centre hydraulic controls, hydraulic side load protection, a premium planetary swing drive and winch motor that are typically found on larger machines.

As well, the digger derrick includes an ergonomic control console with high back air suspension seat for operator comfort. 

Key features of the D47 digger derrick include: 

  • Full pressure, open centre hydraulic controls 
  • Planetary swing drive and winch motor for smoother operation 
  • Dual lift cylinders 
  • Cable carrier/slide tube system designed for ease of maintenance 
  • Hydraulic side load protection 
  • Ergonomic control console with air suspension seat 
  • Comfortable, low-strain multi-axis hydraulic controller 

The D47 is available now through Elliott Equipment Company and its rental partner, United Rentals

“We share the same commitment to helping our customers work efficiently, and the D47 model is a great and user-friendly option that we are proud to offer as part of our end-to-end utility solution,” said Craig Schmidt, Vice President National Accounts for United Rentals.

“We are excited to partner with Elliott and give our customers access to a new generation of digger derricks that helps drive safety and productivity in the utility space.”