Link-Belt’s most compact all-terrain crane yet

all-terrain crane

Link-Belt’s new  175|AT is the newest member in the company’s all-terrain crane lineup.

The five-axle, 175-ton 175|AT is Link-Belt’s most compact design yet, and loaded with new features and a new look.

“We set out to create the most operator friendly crane in the industry. We think we’ve done it,” said Rick Curnutte, senior product manager for telescopic trucks and all-terrain cranes.

“This crane is, from the ground up, all new and introduces product features that will be very appealing to all AT buyers.”


Purpose-built and proprietary to Link-Belt, the all-terrain crane features a two-person cab with enhanced comfort for the driver. Using new techniques, the 175|AT cab is constructed of a lightweight powder-coated aluminum extrusion frame and fibreglass external skin.

As part of the design phase, extensive destructive testing took place to confirm the robustness of the construction.  The cab successfully passed tests that included side impact, front impact and roof crush.

“Our development team placed an emphasis on improving efficiency behind the wheel and reducing driver fatigue — understanding that a driver can spend several hours a day driving to and from the jobsite,” Curnutte said.

The interior features amenities such as automatic climate control, Bluetooth radio, cell phone charging and LED lighting. An air ride seat with lumbar support, heating and ventilation will provide optimum comfort while driving.

A multi-functioning steering wheel gives the operator fingertip controls for engine compression braking and cruise control.

“A focus on driver’s efficiency is not a new concept for Link-Belt; we have raised the bar with this new cab,” Curnutte said.

Pulse 2.0

Link-Belt is introducing Pulse 2.0 to the driver’s cab with an 18-cm full colour, touch screen display that doubles as the monitor for the Vision camera package. Pulse 2.0 continuously monitors carrier operations that include engine and transmission data, tire pressure and temperature, suspension cylinder pressure and alerts the driver that the crane is ready for transport in dolly configuration.


A 535 hp Cummins QSX15 powers the 175|AT. In a decisive effort to manage critical factors like weight and multi-functioning power, the QSX15 was a clear choice to continue the single engine philosophy for the five-axle all-terrain crane.

The 15-litre Cummins QSX15 Tier 4 final off-highway engine provides an abundance of power to run carrier and craning functions.

Through V-CALC (Variable Confined Area Lifting Capacities), the operator has the option of 81 different asymmetrical outrigger positions to suit the needs of the jobsite. Confined space on jobsites will often prevent an operator from using fully extended outriggers. The operator can preview available capacities for all outrigger configurations on the Pulse 2.0 display.

Standard carrier features that operators are accustomed to include four points of access to the flat carrier deck, a comprehensive camera package and a lighting package for night operations. As well, Link-Belt will introduce a new slip resistant paint coating on all designated walking surfaces to mitigate exposure to slips and trips.

Operator cab

The operator’s cab is tailored for all terrain operations. Pulse 2.0, with its 25-cm touch display, is at the heart of the crane with features and controls that are intuitive, adaptable and within reach. The view from the seat is uninhibited in various weather conditions thanks to its large sweeping wipers in the front and top and strategically-placed vents for fast-acting defrost.

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The 175|AT is equipped with a six section 13 to 60.1 metre pin and latch greaseless formed boom and an optional three-piece 3 to 9.9 to 16.8 metre on-board hydraulic or manual offset fly and three 5.4 metre lattice extensions.  The maximum attachment will achieve a tip height of 96 metres making the crane suitable in many applications, from steel erection to cell tower service.

The 3 metre integrated heavy lift fly provides robust capacities and line separation for two load line operation in applications like precast wall panels. Time tested and proven features such as greaseless sheaves and Teflon wear pads cut maintenance and service costs. Additional standard boom features include wireless wind speed indicator, single-hand operation rope guard and three work lights on the boom base section.

Fly erection

The all-terrain crane also features the proven Sure Lock fly erection system. The Sure Lock helps ensure proper fly erection and stowage sequence while minimizing work at height. Link-Belt fly procedures have been embraced in the market on Link-Belt truck cranes and telescopic crawler cranes for their ease of assembly and one-person operation.

Two load overflow

The all-terrain crane transports to the job with full 36,700 kg of counterweight in just two overflow loads.

With standard boom dolly provisions, including dolly camera, the crane was designed for travel in all geographical markets.  The 175|AT is capable of travelling under 12,020 kg per axle with 4,989 kg of counterweight on the crane and boom over the front. In dolly configuration, the counterweight can be stowed in several different configurations to meet different weight requirements.

“We do our homework — things like no cheek counterweights, giving options on hydraulic versus manual fly — we set out to provide our customer’s a comprehensive list of options in this tonnage class,” Curnutte said