K-Tec’s largest ConExpo reveal to date


K-Tec Earthmovers is preparing for its largest ConExpo product reveal in its history, including the industry’s first pull-pan telematics system. 

The Manitoba-based manufacturer promises its booth visitors a fully-immersive experience throughout its 929 square metre space. At the massive trade show in Las Vegas, K-Tec will display nine machines, which includes seven new products making their debut at the show. 

“This is absolutely the largest equipment reveal at ConExpo in K-Tec’s history at the show,” said Shane Kroeker, vice president of marketing at K-Tec. “Visitors to the K-Tec booth can expect the latest and greatest K-Tec products on display and should anticipate an immersive earthmoving experience that excites their senses.” 

K-Tec Telematics

At the show, K-Tec will display a 1228ADT Scraper featuring its new telematics system attached to a Volvo A25G ADT. The K-Tec 1228ADT is ideal for contractors with older or idle 25 to 35 ton ADT’s in their fleet to transform into efficient and versatile scraper haulers.

The telematics system is the first pull-pan scraper system of its kind on the market. 

“The telematics system is currently in beta testing with trial customers. We are excited to roll it out to both our ADT Scraper line, as well as our Direct Mount Scraper line in the future, as well as make a retro-fit kit offering for all older K-Tec scraper models,” Kroeker said. 

The new technology allows for real-time K-Tec earthmoving jobsite performance information linked to the office via a cloud software dashboard. The contractor will be able to view daily average cycle times and volume of material moved to provide confidence in the efficient K-Tec scraper fleet.

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The hardware kit for the system includes a black box that transmits data via global SIM card over cellular signals, a shark fin antenna for telecommunications link, as well as the wiring package to connect the hardware to the cab.

“The dashboard has been custom developed by K-Tec to connect the contractor with key earthmoving performance information at their mobile office fingertips,” Kroeker said. “The hardware kit, developed by a third party, has been successfully integrated with the K-Tec scraper and existing onboard computer and monitor display equipment.”

Concept scraper

At ConExpo, K-Tec will also debut its Concept Scraper 1030 model with a narrow 3 metre, 22 cubic metre heaped capacity scraper. The concept machine features innovations such as a roller-push block, direct train hitch and a curved ejector face.   

“We were approached by one of our key dealers that had a problem with our other scrapers being too wide for road transportation without expensive permits. However, they still desired a large capacity as they have come to expect from K-Tec scrapers,” Kroeker said. 

“Taking on this challenge, K-Tec decided to include numerous radical design features in this model.” 

In Las Vegas, K-Tec will look for feedback from contractors on the concept scraper. 

“Seeing as ConExpo is a fantastic opportunity to gain extensive feedback from over 130,000 attendees, we are looking for all honest feedback to see when attendees would like to see this concept scraper make it to market, and if they would like specific features incorporated into K-Tec’s existing line of scraper models,” Kroeker said.

 Ejector box

Also making its debut, is K-Tec’s new EJB Ejector Box for the Volvo A40 Articulated Dump Truck. K-Tec’s innovative Ejector Body (EJB) has a payload capacity of 36.3 tonnes and fits on Volvo A40 & A45 ADTs. The EJB allows trucks to safely eject loaded material in areas with reduced overhead clearance. 

The K-Tec EJB’s patent-pending, bolt-together design makes for affordable overseas shipments.

Earthmoving Support Tractor

K-Tec’s new Earthmoving Support Tractor (EST) will also make its premiere at ConExpo. The EST consists of a Case IH wheel tractor with a K-Tec Ox Block and a K-Tec Tricerabox. 

The combination delivers a cost-effective solution to push assisting scrapers and maintaining jobsite productivity. The EST is a champion of the cut zone, allowing for smooth earthmoving operating efficiency. 

On the front of the EST, the K-Tec Ox Block is a pusher block designed for push-loading scrapers for maximum capacity and decreased time in the cut zone; which improves productivity. 

The K-Tec Tricerabox is a 4.3-metre-wide box blade that is mounted to a three-point hitch. The Tricerabox has a hydraulically operated seven shank ripper for breaking up hard soil or aerating wet job sites.

Lead scraper

The 1233 Lead Scraper featuring new skid shoes attached to Case Quadtrac Tractor joins the booth display. 

The 1233 Lead Scraper can train another 1233 scraper for a tandem 50.46 cubic metre heaped capacity. 

The new skid shoe option allows for smooth finish grading applications, when paired with flat cutting edges and Trimble GPS technology.

Furthermore, K-Tec will showcase the 1613FX Land Leveler with its new Road Transport Wheel Option and Flex Chain Design. K-Tec’s 4.9-metre-wide Land Leveler has a 10 cubic metre drag capacity to help contractors score a perfect grade on construction haul roads. K-Tec’s new and easy road transport wheel option allows for legal road transportation between jobsites.

Rounding out K-Tec’s product introduction is the new Remote Jobsite Parts Kit — K-Tec’s kit for providing all spare consumable parts onsite to support and maintain earthmoving fleet operations. 

Virtual ride-along with K-Tec

At Con-Expo, the manufacturer will host hourly product demonstrations as well as an in-booth education opportunity, along with a Virtual Reality (VR) experience for operator attendees to simulate the smooth scraper ride and machine controls.

“K-Tec is creating a learning environment where contractors can understand our creative advantages to move material more efficiently than they have traditionally been able to accomplish with other equipment,” Kroeker said. 

“The 360-degree virtual reality experience will allow for attendees to climb into the cab of an ADT Scraper to ‘ride-along’ with K-Tec Founder Ken Rempel and watch as he heaps a large load in the cut zone, smoothly drives along the haul road and finally ejects the dirt in the fill area.”