John Deere delivers a preview of its hybrid 850 X-Tier dozer

The John Deere 850 X-tier dozer on display at ConExpo
The John Deere 850 X-tier dozer on display at ConExpo.

Featuring an exclusive dual path electric drive, John Deere has developed the new hybrid 850 X-Tier dozer.

The concept dozer was one of several E-Drive machines displayed at John Deere’s ConExpo booth in March. 

The 850 X-tier dozer delivers multiple operating modes to tailor performance and fuel consumption to jobsite requirements. The X-Tier dozer will accompany the 850 P-Tier model in the future, and a release date has yet to be announced.

“As we continue to introduce battery-electric and electric-hybrid solutions to the market, we aren’t just designing a new way to fuel your fleet. We’re also focusing on building an electric infrastructure through innovative and forward-thinking technology,” said Ryan Campbell, President of Worldwide Construction and Forestry and Power Systems for John Deere.

As hybrid solutions, E-Drive machines feature an electrified drivetrain with an engine as the main power source. The machines enable better fuel economy, improved powertrain component life and stronger pushing power on the job than traditional models.

“As our customers strive to meet their own sustainability goals, John Deere is working to provide solutions to meet these customer needs,” said Kathleen Roberts, John Deere’s Product Manager for dozers.

“We talk a lot about the importance of pushing material, but we’re hearing the need for a lot of customers on the sustainability side as well.”

Dual path electric drive 

Powering the 850 X-Tier dozer starts with a 9-litre diesel engine. The power generated from the engine passes through a generator to inverters, then to electric drive motors attached to the final drives that move the dozer. 

“What it does for our customers is really the exciting part and that, in one word, is performance,” Roberts said.  

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The dual path electric drive is a unique feature to John Deere machines. The less complex drivetrain powers each track with an electric motor to maintain the maneuverability and control of a traditional Deere dozer.

“The two motors mimic the benefits we get from a hydrostatic drive machine, which allows us to have infinite speed control, power management and on-the-go steering,” Roberts said. 

850 X-Tier cab

The cab of the 850 X-Tier dozer includes Deere’s updated display system and the surround-view camera system. The new display and cameras system aims to address labour shortages and the skillset of new operators.  

The dozer also comes equipped with EZ Grade, which makes small blade corrections automatically. The grade management system is also fully upgradable to 3D technology. 

“The more we can do to help operators feel more comfortable, get up to speed quickly and be on the job safely, the better solution we have for our customers. This product does that for them,” Roberts said.  

For a machine in the 850-size range, the ability to rebuild and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are important factors in the purchasing decision. Roberts explained the electrical components in the X-Tier dozer help to reduce TCO. 

“Thanks to our electric drive components, we’re able to provide our customers with a stronger TCO strategy than we ever have before,” Roberts said.