The future of John Deere excavators

the new John Deere 85 P-Tier excavator
The new John Deere 85 P-Tier excavator.

At ConExpo, John Deere offered the first glimpse of its all-new future generation of excavators. 

The new machines leverage advanced solutions developed for other product lines and production systems across the John Deere enterprise.

The first three future generation excavators include the 145 P-Tier, 360 P-Tier and the 210 P-Tier. 

“This is the foundation for every future generation excavator that we will have,” said Aaron Klauer, John Deere’s global product manager for mid-and-large size excavators.

To create the new excavator foundation from the ground up, Deere built the machines in collaboration with its customers, who returned to assist with validating machine performance. 

“There was feedback all the way to tell us this is the right way to go,” Klauer said.  

The three new machines are designed to deliver industry leading performance, reliability and durability features, including an exclusive full-size cab on the reduced tail swing 145 P-Tier machine. 

Complete design control

In February 2022, John Deere announced it had acquired full ownership of three Deere-Hitachi joint venture factories. As well, the announcement officially ended the joint venture manufacturing and marketing agreements between the two companies

“We took a giant leap forward in excavators about a year ago by taking complete design control of our entire excavator line,” Klauer said. 

With a new ability to leverage the entire suite of John Deere advanced technology solutions, the future generation excavators will provide enhancements in connectivity, safety, automation and grade management.

“By having that design control, we can leverage the entire power of the Deere enterprise and all of the technological capabilities and advancements we’re doing,” Klauer said.

“We can integrate that faster than we were able to before into our excavator lineup.”

John Deere excavator updates

Alongside the future generation models, Deere also introduced the new 85 P-Tier and 510 P-Tier current generation excavators. Both types of updates are examples of how John Deere can leverage technology from across the enterprise to extend advanced features and smart solutions to its full line of excavators. 

“We are beyond excited about the future of our excavator lineup, including the new models available to our customers today and the machines being strategically designed and built for tomorrow,” Klauer said.

Compared to the 85 G-Tier model, the new 85 P-Tier boasts an 18 per cent engine horsepower increase and the addition of a turbo for high altitude performance. 

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Deere also improved upon hydraulic performance with increased pump torque and improved dig forces. The larger, redesigned cab is equipped with a 20-cm monitor and an integrated 270-degree camera system. The 86 P-Tier is also equipped with an angle blade with float and continuous flow auxiliary hydraulics.

The 51-tonne 510 P-Tier replaces the current 470 P-Tier model. The excavator includes a variable undercarriage and the ability to handle buckets five yards and above. 

By using a more efficient powertrain, including the integration of E-fans, the new 510 P-Tier provides up to 25 per cent lower maintenance costs, 15 per cent lower repair costs and 20 per cent lower fuel consumption. 

“It has lower fuel consumption, better cost of maintenance and better reliability than we’ve ever been able to deliver before in this size class,” Klauer said.