John Deere boosts pulling power for L-Series Skidder

john deere skidder

John Deere has updated its full line of L-Series Skidders to offer operators more pulling power and faster multifunctioning capabilities.

According to John Deere, the L-Series now boasts best-in-class horsepower, an improved power to weight ratio, an improved engine after-treatment system and new grapple and boom options.

The 648L, 748L, 848L, and 948L models offer the maximum horsepower in each size class. With 300 hp, the 948L Skidder boasting highest horsepower on the market.

“Our L-Series machines were originally designed to set the bar for power and productivity, and in many ways, they have,” said Brandon O’Neal, global product marketing manager for John Deere. “With this latest round of upgrades, we’re taking it even farther with increases to power, reliability, efficiency and overall productivity of the machines.”

For the improved after-treatment system, redundant temperature sensors were removed, reducing harness complexity. As well, the updated models now feature a single temperature module to simplify troubleshooting. Harnesses have been rerouted, improving access and reliability, and have more secured points to reduce rubs. To reduce fuel consumption, diesel particulate filters regeneration interval levels have been increased from 50 to 100 hours.

Designed for steep or uneven terrain, the longer booms increase lift height and improve rearward and downward reach. The new booms also reduce interference with the arch and fenders during turning and contact of tongs on tires and fenders when rotating the grapple.

Ideal for a variety of skidding applications, the L-Series now offer a 17.5 sq. ft. grapple option for all dual function models. On the 648L, the grapple will help save time and fuel by reducing the number of trips needed in dry wood and thinning applications.

The updated machine’s cab has also grown, with 25 per cent more room. Alongside a 50 per cent reduction in noise, the cab also includes fatigue beating comforts like the efficient HVAC system, ergonomic controls and storage space. An optional rotating seat with joystick steering helps reduce strain on the back and neck.

The new skidder models are also available with TimberNavi, which is a factory-installed option on the L-Series Skidders, is a jobsite mapping solution that increases the operator’s spatial understanding of the jobsite.