Volvo’s new E-Series: More pipelaying power

Volvo E-Series Pl3005E
Volvo's new addition to the E-Series, the PL3005E.

The latest addition to the Volvo E-Series rotating pipelayers boasts improved power, productivity and efficiency.

Equipped with the Volvo D8J Tier 4 Final engine, the new PL3005E offers a six per cent increase in horsepower, eight per cent increase in maximum torque and seven per cent increase in lift capacity. As well, the PL3005E offers five per cent greater fuel efficiency without an increase in overall operating weight versus the previous model.

“With a 55-ton tipping capacity, the PL3005E is a perfect fit for medium-sized pipe projects in the 12- to 24-in. diameter range,” said John Duff, product manager for pipelayers at Volvo. “This machine is inherently more versatile and productive than a traditional sideboom dozer-style pipelayer. Not only does it allow for more productive pipelaying and less repositioning, but it can serve as a dual-purpose machine with an optional excavator conversion kit — ensuring the machine is never under-utilized.”

Unlike traditional sideboom dozer-style pipelayers, the PL3005E can be easily transported on a trailer or lowboy without disassembling the boom or counterweight. In as little as two and a half hours, the PL3005E can be converted into a standard excavator.

Volvo claims the hydraulics are matched for pipelaying and digging applications, equalling maximum power in either configuration.

Full circle

With a 360-degree swing capacity, the operator can safely rotate the superstructure to move large pipes ease. This feature makes the machine useful for loading, unloading and feeding pipe-bending machines. The pipelayer’s unique design provides stability to work safely across rugged terrain and on slopes of up to 35 degrees.

Also, The E-Series pipelayer is equipped with easy-to-use safety features. Its Load Management System (LMS) is more user-friendly and convenient compared its predecessor.. Its 7 in. display is now full colour and features intuitive easy to understand graphics. The operator receives load information on the display, as well as visual and auditory signals when the load limit is reached.

Load status is also relayed by three LED lights on either side of the boom to signal other operators and the lowering-in foreman. Another safety feature of the LMS includes the mechanical anti two-block system, which uses a wire sensor to prevent the winch blocks from coming into contact during lifting.

Go remote

The machine comes standard with the Volvo CareTrack telematics system, which monitors information on a variety of machine data points in real time. CareTrack also provides remote alerts to the fleet manager, allowing improved service scheduling, preventive maintenance and fleet utilization. Furthermore, Volvo is introducing ActiveCare Direct — a round-the-clock  monitoring and fleet utilization reporting.