JCB’s tracked backhoe returns to North America

JCB tracked backhoe

JCB’s tracked backhoe is making a return to the North American market.

In the coming months, JCB plans to begin shipping the 1CXT backhoe loader to dealers in Canada and the United States.

The machine made its recent North American debut at the ARA Show in Anaheim, California in February. 

“There is a big market for it in North America,” said Diego Butzke, JCB’s product manager for backhoe loaders and dumpers. “If you compared skid steers and track loaders, the market is going towards track loaders. It’s 70 or 80 per cent of volume.”

JCB began manufacturing a wheeled version of the machine in 1994, and originally introduced the tracked version in 2012, selling about 400 units in North America. However, evolving emissions standards equalled the removal of the machine from the market.

“EPA regulations put some roadblocks in front of us. We decided to now update the engine on it and bring in the tracked unit,” Butzke said.

For the reintroduction, JCB has equipped the 1CXT tracked backhoe with a 49 hp Perkins engine that requires no aftertreatment. Although the engine may seem light, Butzke noted the 49 hp engine has more than enough power for the tracked backhoe.

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“The reason is, it’s all about the hydraulics,” he said. “We have perfected the hydraulics over 25 years of design and improvements.”

The 1CXT is equipped with two hydraulic circuits; one with 100 litres per minute of hydraulic flow, the other delivering 45 litres per minute.

 “You can run your basic standard flow attachments like a four-in-one bucket or a broom with the low flow circuit, or you can run a patch planer or something more specialized with the high flow circuit,” Butzke said.

The 1CXT has maximum dig depth of 3.1 metres, an operating weight of 4,342 kg and the ability to work up, down or sideways on 31 per cent grade.

“This machine is a tank basically. The centre of gravity is very low and that helps this machine go anywhere,” Butzke said.

Measuring less than 1.8 metres wide and 2.3 metres tall, the tracked backhoe is also easily transport from jobsite to jobsite.

“That give you the ability to tow this machine without a CDL and one truck and one trailer,” Butzke said. “The customers that benefit from this machine are the ones that don’t have several trucks and several trailers.”

As well, the machine’s universal quick hitch is compatible with most skid steer attachments. For commonality in parts, the 1CXT uses the same undercarriage as JCB’s 215T track loader.

“The tracks will give you superb traction and stability,” Butzke said. “It will give you the ability to use the backhoe without actually deploying the stabilizers. The tracks will also give you low ground pressure for low ground damage.”