This BIK Hydraulics crane is ready to tackle concrete forming

BIK hydraulics toronto

BIK Hydraulics has modified its BIK 67 crane to serve the concrete forming industry.

Elemer Ivan, president of BIK Hydraulics, demonstrated the crane’s capabilities at the inaugural Canadian Concrete Expo, held in Toronto on Feb. 7.

“The BIK 67 was an idea of ours to create a crane that is simple, cost effective, quick and efficient,” said Elemer Ivan, president of BIK Hydraulics. 

The crane was first released for use in unloading drywall. Since its release, BIK has sold about 100 of the machines.

“The boom has technically been around for about five years in different application,” Ivan said. “It’s been field tested and proven, and we’re very confident. So, we brought it out as a foundation crane.”

The revamped crane features a horizontal capacity of 3,356 kg at 8.5 metres and 998 kg at 20.4 metres.

BIk crane toronto concrete“You have great horizontal capacity. The reach is good and you can run it hard. In the forming business, they run cranes fast and hard, it takes a lot of abuse,” Ivan explained. “This size of crane can take that abuse just a little better.”

The 67-foot (20.4 metre) boom fits into the ideal size for formwork, Ivan explained. The BIK 67 also features a dual-power link system at the main and secondary booms for greater lifting power, and the overload and safety valves are hydraulic to increase uptime.

“In this style of articulating boom, 60 feet is a little bit short, and 74 feet we find is a little too big,” Ivan said. “The 67 is right in the middle where you can still run the crane quickly. You get good speed, good efficiency, the crane is still light and you can carry a good payload.”

Furthermore, the BIK 67 is equipped with 7.3 metre span, extra wide stabilizers that are double beam and fully hydraulics out and down.

“The front stabilizer legs are optional,” Ivan said. “You can go all the way up with a set of forms without using the front stabilizer.”

To operate the boom, the BIK 67 is equipped with top seat controls with smooth and precise joystick and foot pedal controls. As well, a Scanreco radio remote with Danfoss valves are a standard feature.

“With the remote control, you can get really good precision movement,” Ivan said.