Epiroc to showcase surface drilling automation at ConExpo 2020


Epiroc will exhibit a variety of innovative offerings for the first time in North America at ConExpo. 

“Since our spin-off from Atlas Copco in 2018, we’ve viewed ourselves as a dynamic start-up with nearly 150 years of heritage,” said Jon Torpy, general manager and president for Epiroc USA.

“We head to our first CONEXPO-CON/AGG as an experienced company committed to driving the future of intelligent infrastructure development, quarrying and mining. We’ll present selected sixth sense solutions ranging from connected equipment to different levels of automation to digital fleet management, all to support our customers’ digitalization journey.”

The new and enhanced Epiroc products displayed at ConExpo include:


The new Epiroc SmartROC D60 down-the-hole (DTH) surface drill rig for quarrying, mining and construction has been updated with Epiroc’s automation-ready platform. The SmartROC D60 offers the intelligence and power to drill high-quality blast holes with accuracy and precision. It is loaded with smart features such as automated drilling and rod handling that increase safety, efficiency and consistency for a lower total cost of ownership.

The automation-ready platform also includes the new Auto Feed Fold feature. With a single action, Auto Feed Fold enables the operator to fold the feed for tramming or position it for drilling. This also comes in handy when operating one or more drill rigs remotely with the BenchREMOTE option. 

Available with a shorter boom specially designed for efficient and demanding quarry work, the D60 can drill holes of 115 mm to 178 mm in diameter and to a maximum depth of 55.5 metres. As well, the rig is economical to run due to the intelligent control of the compressor and engine rpm. 

The SmartROC D60 also uses nearly 300 litres less hydraulic oil than previous versions and features fewer hoses and pumps. 

PowerROC D60 

The PowerROC D60 hydraulic down-the-hole (DTH) surface drill rig for mining and quarrying not only drills the largest holes in the PowerROC family, it is now equipped with an engine that meets Tier 4 Final emissions.

The straightforward, robust rig can drill large holes ranging from 11 cm to 18 cm. In addition, the 5+1 Rod Handling System makes it possible to drill holes down to a depth of 30 metres. Proven Epiroc technology also helps to ensure that holes are straight and high in quality.

The rig features a pilot hydraulic system and straightforward electronics. The rotation unit ensures the rig can operate reliably in all types of rock conditions. In addition, a highly effective dust collection system ensures that the work environment is kept clean and safe, which protects both machine and personnel.  

DM30 II blasthole drill rig

Built off the same platform as the DM45 and DML blasthole drill rigs, the enhanced Epiroc DM30 II is suitable for a variety of multi-pass rotary and down-the-hole (DTH) drilling applications.

The compact yet heavy-duty design of the DM30 II delivers powerful performance and easy transport between benches or even between properties. 

A crawler-mounted, hydraulic tophead-drive rig, the DM30 II can achieve a clean hole depth of 8.5 metres for single-pass applications and up to 45 metres for multi-pass applications with a starter rod under the rotary head. It also features a 9.1 metre drill pipe change and a four-rod carousel. 

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The mainframe and layout of the machine has been updated for 2020 to better assist customers needing a small-profile machine for tight drilling conditions or transit between sites. 

Customers can choose a low- or high-pressure compressor to create the right configuration for their drilling operation. The DM Series drill rig can be equipped with on-board technology capabilities with the optional Epiroc Rig Control System (RCS) Lite for safety and productivity.

Epiroc Fleet management 

My Epiroc is a new digital fleet management solution available on web and mobile devices with features for increasing fleet efficiency and safety. 

The My Epiroc platform enables mining and infrastructure operations to optimize fleet performance on any device for any job role at any time. The solution for the future of fleet management will be demonstrated at Epiroc’s ConExpo booth.

Regardless of role — a fleet manager focusing on uptime, a machine operator getting the job done or a member of the service team keeping on top of equipment — My Epiroc is built to assist in accomplishing jobs and improving work flow. My Epiroc is truly mobile and works equally well on the road, in the office or in a vehicle.

TCO supervisory agreement

The TCO supervisory agreement is a common project between the customer and Epiroc to improve fleet maintenance and lower total cost of ownership. The initial focus is mapping of current parts consumption and performance to set the road map for improvement of running cost and total cost of ownership. The program involves reliability engineering to develop individual maintenance plans for improved machine performance and efficiency.

The task is to understand the conditions, consider the strategy, develop plans and continuously drive the efficiency improvement:

  • Cost and efficiency: The agreement is designed to step away from looking at individual parts cost and to analyze the entire performance from running cost to total cost of ownership.
  • Information: Mapping of current operation and maintenance information.
  • Structure: Development of strategies, maintenance plans and targets.
  • Implement: Realize new maintenance approach and record results.
  • Follow up: Review of the achievements versus the target, analyze and advise for improvements.

The agreement provides guidance to develop more efficient operations. Reliability-centered maintenance takes this a step further by combining monitoring, inspections, maintenance tasks and overhauls to always keep the reliability of the machine and components at a high level.

Hydraulic attachments

Epiroc will also display a spectrum of models from its lineup of hydraulic attachments for demolition, recycling and rock excavation. These include concrete busters, bulk pulverizers, combi cutters, steel cutters, hydraulic breakers, breakers with integrated dust suppression, hydraulic compactors, drum cutters and multi grapples.