Develon debuts the DD130: its second dozer model

The Develon DD130
The Develon DD130 dozer

Develon is expanding its dozer lineup with the soon-to-be-released DD130.

The new dozer will offer a productive fine-grading solution for residential and light commercial construction projects.

Develon (formerly Doosan construction equipment) entered the North American dozer market in 2022 with the introduction of the 122 hp, 11.3 tonne DD100. The first models made their way to dealerships and eventually customer jobsites in late 2022.

The DD130, the second dozer model from Develon, is expected to be available in North America later this year.

“The design concept is the same, keeping the visibility, operator comfort and ease of operation in mind,” said Moo Young Park, engineering manager at Develon. “The launch of the DD100 was very positive and we hope to continue the momentum with the larger DD130 dozer for the North American construction industry.”

DD130 dozer productivity

The DD130 dozer features an operating weight of 15,300 kg and is equipped with a 160 hp engine.

Productivity is driven by the dozer’s 6-way variable angle pitch blade. The machine is available with two blade options, a standard 4.6 cubic yard blade or an optional 5.5 cubic yard capacity blade. The blade moves freely to lift, tilt and angle, and 2-way mechanical adjustments can change the blade pitch to control how steeply the blade will dig into the ground. Operators can adjust the blade pitch from 52 to 58 degrees.

Develon dozers come standard with piping for an optional ripper attachment.

“Even if you don’t need the ripper, you’re able to add it later on without modifying the hydraulics,” Park said.

The DD130 ripper attachment features parallel linkage that helps maintain a constant angle to the ground regardless of the height.

Also, a towing draw bar is available as an attachment, allowing operators to use the dozer to tow other equipment on a jobsite.

To improve visibility to the machine’s blade, Develon developed a narrow front engine compartment. As well, components have been moved to avoid impeding the operator’s view. 

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“Usually there’s a precleaner outside of the machine, but that would impact visibility,” Park said, noting the precleaner is now tucked away inside of the DD130 engine compartment.

As well, the electronic cooling system was moved to the back of the dozer to further improve front visibility, and the cab’s low-profile front pillars maximize the glass area. All-glass doors provide a full view of the working environment.

For further visibility and safety, a standard rear-view camera provides operators with an additional view of the dozer’s surroundings via the full-colour, 20-cm Smart Touch display.


The DD130 comes standard with an electronically operated tilting cab that provides access to internal components. Even with the cab tilted, the dozer can be started while the machine is being diagnosed or repaired.

The dozer undercarriage is designed for convenience and cost-effective maintenance. Areas of the undercarriage that naturally experience greater wear and tear are easy to access. For example, a removable side panel provides access to an area to add grease to the undercarriage’s tension system.

Develon Technology

Advanced technologies in the DD130 dozer deliver more precision to help operators meet exacting specifications. A 2D grading system option is available to make precision grading easier, regardless of the operator’s skill level.

A telematics system is standard on the DD130 dozer, making it easy for customers to remotely monitor and maintain their machine. They can monitor the health, location and productivity of the dozer from a user-friendly mobile app and website.