CAT’s new 777G water truck aims for efficient output

CAT's new 777G water truck spraying water on a dusty roadway

When it comes to mining and quarry sites, dust can be a safety hazard and can also diminish productivity. One way to suppress this dust is through the use of a water truck, spraying roads and paths to prevent vehicle traffic from stirring up dust clouds. CAT’s new 777G water truck presents this solution in a new way.

Often, water trucks struggle to find  balance between underwatering and overwatering. So, CAT’s new 777G Water Solutions Truck has been designed with the intention of finding this balance, offering efficient, controlled output.

To do this, CAT integrates the CAT Water Delivery System (WDS) and CAT Minestar Edge connectivity.

The 777G comes standard with an integrated 76,000 litre (26,000 gallon) water tank, complete with spray system, splash guards, fill chute and rock ejectors.

In “Adaptive Economy Mode,” its engine uses up to 13% less fuel. Also, the water cannon operates at engine idle speed, further reducing fuel consumption by up to 50%.

CAT Water Delivery System

Exclusive to CAT, this WDS uses the speed of the truck to determine the flow and pressure of the water delivery. Thus, conserving water and ensuring dust suppression, without overwatering.

CAT's 777G water truck spraying water on a dusty roadway

Also, this system will automatically shut down when the tank is empty, which can prevent potential damage to the system from the pump running dry.

With remote control of the truck’s filling process, operators can stay in the cab while refilling the tank.

CAT's 777G water truck being refilled at a water station.

MineStar Edge integration

The CAT WDS is integrated with the cloud-based MineStar Edge, which collects and conveys machine data.

This technology allows fleet managers to monitor metrics like truck location and utilization, fuel and water levels, volume distributed, area covered, and rate of distribution.

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