Caterpillar expands tiltrotator system to mini excavators

Caterpillar expands tiltrotator system to mini excavators

Caterpillar Work Tools Division has announced new Tilt Rotate System (TRS) models for Cat 302.7 through 310 next-gen mini excavators.

The new TRS4 and TRS8 S45 as well as updated TRS6 models allow attached work tools to rotate 360 degrees and tilt 40 degrees side-to-side.

System design includes a top interface that connects the TRS to the carrier machine and a bottom interface that connects various work tools to the TRS. Top interface connections for the TRS4, TRS6 and TRS8 are offered as S Type hydraulic-couplers or pin on, while bottom interface options include the Pin Grabber or S type coupler.

All of Caterpillar’s TRS models are standardized with an auxiliary TRSAux1 hydraulic function at the bottom. This allows for the installation of an integrated grapple module when the TRS model is attached to the carrier via the S type coupler system.  

The TRS6 and TRS8 feature a standard TRSAux2 auxiliary port at the bottom to connect a variety for different hydraulic tools. Sensors for these TRS models work in combination with Cat mini excavator software and a variety of different external reference suppliers for 2D and 3D work applications.

Design benefits

The compact design of the TRS4, TRS6 and TRS8 allows the mini excavator to maintain high digging forces. A reinforced TRS gearbox with a specially designed bearing ring distributes working forces to reduce stress on the TRS and the host machine. A no-maintenance lubrication system for the rotation system effectively distributes heat. The high-torque rotation system quickly positions work tools, and an integral self-locking mechanism enables digging at any angle required. Single/minimal grease points for TRS models delivers quick, efficient greasing of all joints requiring lubrication.

Integrated load-hold valves for the double-acting tilt cylinder maintains holding pressures and prevents cylinder movement under load. Caterpillar’s cylinder design features hardened pistons and maintenance-free bearings, and its scratch-resistant, rust-proof surfaces require no maintenance.

An integrated, dealer-installed field control kit, which includes specially designed joysticks, suits all boom-and-stick combinations and provides intuitive control of the TRS and integral grapple. The TRS monitor informs the operator of the attachment’s position, and an engagement/disengagement sensor assures that work tools are secured via a safety locking mechanism with indicator. Activated by a joystick button, all TRS models offer a bucket-shake feature to facilitate even spreading of materials.

TRS application

Caterpillar’s TRS4 models are designed for efficient use by the Cat 302.7, 303, 303.5 and 304 mini excavators, while its TRS6 models are compatible with the Cat 305.5CR and 306 CR models. The TRS8 models are designed for use with the Cat 307.5, 308, 308.5, 309 and 310.