Volvo has redesigned its vocational truck cab to accommodate a new generation of up-and-coming operators.

The new cab was on display at World of Concrete held in Las Vegas from Jan. 23 to 26.

“We’re seeing a generational shift,” said John Felder, Volvo Trucks North America product marketing manager for vocational trucks.

“It just gives the modern person, who is more of a Nintendo guy, that look and feel they are expecting.”

Design of the new VHD Series vocational truck interior was guided by feedback from nearly 2,000 professional drivers.

“We were driver centric. We talked to drivers and asked, ‘what would you do?’” Felder said. “That list can get a little off the rails, so to speak. With some moderation, we tried to deliver the best solutions that were actually feasible.”

The new Volvo VHD interior features an ergonomic dashboard that puts more controls and gauges within the driver’s reach and field of view.

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A central, customizable driver information display provides trip and diagnostic data, while Volvo’s smart steering wheel places controls for most interactive functions at the driver’s fingertips.

The resulting improvements deliver comfort and convenience features designed to help maximize driver productivity and assist companies to improve driver retention.

“We need drivers, so the best way to get drivers is to address their needs,” Felder said.

As well, Volvo has added an optional refrigerator that mounts underneath the passenger seat.

“When you’re in the vocational market, you spend a lot of time waiting. You’re waiting to get a load or waiting to dump a load,” Felder said. “Now you just open up the drawer and grab your Coke or sandwich and relax in the comfort of your home.”

volvo vocational truckAs well, an expanded variety of available seating options provide an increased range of seat adjustment that improve driving ergonomics.

“It’s all about the drive. It’s keeping them safe, keeping them productive and keeping them comfortable,” said Brandon Borgna, Volvo’s public relations manager.

Interior lighting in the truck cab is also now customizable with a variety of colours and intensity.

“Some people see better under blue light, some under red light,” Felder said.

All Volvo VHD on display at the show were equipped with Volvo Remote Diagnostics, which monitors critical fault codes to enable proactive diagnostics and repair planning.

“We think this is one of the best kept secrets in trucks,” Felder said.

“When people get in and start looking at this for a vocational product, it is quite nice.”

LED headlights

Alongside the new interior, Volvo also unveiled new LED headlights for its vocational truck series. The new headlights will be offered as standard equipment on the VHD 300 daycab and VHD 400 regional sleeper models to help reduce eye strain, increase visibility and improve safety on roads and jobsites.

“LED give you a little more peripheral vision, as well,” Felder said. “Anytime you get more light out, with a lot less energy, it’s a very good deal.”

The new headlights also provide an estimated 10,000 operating hours, 10 times greater than incandescent headlights.

“There’s longer life. From incandescent to halogen was a big step, but you’re going to see a big step from halogen to LED as well,” Felder said. “LED is much more functional.”