The big bauma reveal from the Bavarian-based Bauer

Bauer bauma

Bauer unveiled numerous new product innovations at the world’s largest construction trade show

When a trade show the size of bauma is in your backyard, it presents the ideal opportunity to present your latest innovations.

For the Bavarian-based Bauer Maschinen Group, the Munich, Germany-based trade show has been firmly anchored in its calendar for 30 years, as its headquarters are located about 90 km northwest of the show grounds.

This year, Bauer and its subsidiary foundation equipment companies unveiled numerous new advancements at the trade show. 

“Just because of the physical proximity, the bauma in Munich is always a very special highlight for us, of course,” said Dr. Rüdiger Kaub, chairman of the board of Bauer Maschinen GmbH. “The trade fair is the perfect platform for us to present the technological innovations of our mechanical engineering and process engineering to a very large international trade audience.” 

Optimized for kelly drilling 

Bauer presented their new small platform for rotary drilling rigs optimized for kelly drilling. In 2018, Bauer launched the BG 15 H, a newly-developed device that tackles the challenges of small construction sites. In the new generation of machines, Bauer is relying on its 186 kW Caterpillar diesel engines for improved performance and fuel consumption. At bauma, the BG 15 H was shown for the first time with a cylinder feed.

The drill rig is now supplemented by the BG 20 H — a completely new device with a torque of 200 kNm. Both BGs are based on the same BT 50 carrier, which was completely redeveloped by Bauer. 

In addition to a transport width of only 2.5 metres, the integrated service platform is also a first in the segment for compact drilling rigs. It allows access to all maintenance points in the uppercarriage and at the same time meets the highest occupational safety standards. 

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Bauer also presented three of its PremiumLine rotary drilling rigs ­­— the BG 23 H, BG 33 and BG 45. Equipped with various attachments and tools, they showed a small selection of possible applicable procedures with PremiumLine drills ­— all equipped with Bauer’s award-winning Energy Efficient Power technology EEP. 

The BG 23 H and BG 33 were to be seen on the new BT 65 and BT 85 carrier devices of the latest generation with significant safety innovations. These carriers now have integrated service platforms for easy, convenient and secure access for maintenance. 

The practical platform can be pulled out like a drawer, so that the engine cover automatically delivers fall protection. The BG 45, a PremiumLine device of the upper V series, was on display at the bauma with an advanced drilling system for creating deep full displacement piles in the LostBit system.

Slurry Handling Systems

Bauer Mat Slurry Handling Systems presented the new CMS-45 container mixing plant at bauma for the first time. As a special feature, the mixer, as well as the water tank, the agitator tank and the control cabinet are permanently installed in a 6 metre container frame and connected to flexible lines.

This makes the system compact and easy to move, which saves time in assembly and disassembly. The centerpiece is a 1.8 cubic metre colloidal mixer with an off-centre mixing tool and an external recirculation line for optimum digestion of the suspension, while simultaneously increasing the mixing capacity. A 38-cm touch display allows operators to enter up to 10 different recipes with 10 sequences each and allows the operator to access the current batch data at any time.

Compact drills 

Klemm Bohrtechnik GmbH highlighted its innovations in the field of kinematics and device control, as well as on the topics of energy efficiency and functional safety.

For the first time, Klemm presented the newly developed KR 806-3GS drilling rig. Compared to the predecessor model, among other things, the kinematics assemblies were fundamentally redeveloped.

Stiffness and fatigue strength were significantly increased. As well, the device kinematics are primarily designed for shallow inclined holes with extremely deep points of approach, but on the other hand, pile bores with drill points next to the landing gears can now be created.

The drill rig is designed for power-intensive double-head drilling machines, hydraulic hammers or rotary drives. The powertrain is based on a 160-kW diesel engine including SCR-only emission technology for Tier 4 Final regulations. 

The hydraulic system includes a dual-circuit load-sensing system with limit load control and power sharing technologies. The mobile control blocks are integrated directly into the CAN-BUS. 

The EEP efficiency package includes power and energy management, whereby the engine speed is automatically and highly dynamically adapted to the respective load and operating state. Fuel consumption and noise emissions are significantly reduced, while radio remote controllability of all functions is standard. 

Furthermore, the display and diagnostic options have been significantly expanded. For example, there are indicators on the control panel for the flow regulation of the individual flushing branches.

Klemm also showcased its KR 704-2E, equipped with an electric drive that allows working without exhaust emissions and with the lowest noise level. The KR 704-2E has been completely revised with regard to the new drilling device standard and the automatic adaptation to different mains frequencies. 

Now it offers ideal conditions for use in confined spaces and basements, in which a diesel engine is out of the question. With a minimum basic unit width of 750 mm and a possible use of telescopic carriages, the drill rig is capable of in rooms with narrow door openings and small room heights.

Thus, under difficult conditions, special foundation engineering tasks can be carried out, especially micro piles for foundations and underpinning of existing foundations by high-pressure injection columns. 

Boom manipulator

Klemm also demonstrated the HBR 120 boom manipulator. 

The system had already been awarded the Eurotest prize of BG Bau at bauma 2016 because it combines innovative technology with a high level of occupational safety.

The HBR 120, 122 and 124 series have been further developed to allow uncomplicated adaptation of the mechanical-hydraulic components and their control to different carriers.