Modern Crane recruits Canada’s first Demag AC-300-6

modern crane

Canada’s first Demag AC-300-6 all-terrain crane has arrived in Milton, Ontario. Modern Crane received the new all-terrain crane to help assemble tower cranes.

Modern Crane is a division of the Pumpcrete Corporation, which is active in the heavy lifting, concrete pumping, heavy haul and transportation sectors. The company purchased the new crane from Terex Cranes distributor, Cropac Equipment.

According to Aaron Hanna, vice president of sales for Modern Crane, the Demag AC-300-6 all terrain crane’s long main boom was a crucial feature in the company’s crane selection.

“The crane has the reach we need, and it is easy to set up on job sites where there are potentially impeding obstacles,” Hanna said.

Modern Crane owner Mark Williams added the new Demag all terrain crane will give the company a significant advantage in the market place.

“It features the latest in crane technology that will help our team work more efficiently, and we consider Demag to be the pinnacle of heavy lifting cranes on the market” he said.

Some of the features Williams is referring to include the Demag single-engine concept with an intelligent motor management system to help reduce maintenance expenses. As well, the IC-1 Plus control system with asymmetric outrigger positioning that allows the AC 300-6 to perform jobs usually reserved for larger machines.

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The six-axle Demag AC 300-6 all terrain crane has a 300 tonne capacity classification, features an 80 metre main boom and is the smallest crane in the Demag All Terrain range equipped with a luffing jib. The unit’s 80-metre main boom is designed to perform jobs at heights up to 78 metre or 74 metre radius without rigging a jib.

With a 15 tonne lifting capacity when the main boom is fully extended, the Demag AC 300-6 is an excellent unit for erecting tower cranes.

Cropac President Bill Finkle said that North America has more tower cranes than anywhere else in the world, and the Demag AC-300-6 crane has a large capacity compared to other units in the field.

“We expect this crane to be popular throughout the region for a long time to come,” he stated.  “I think there is great value and merit and only makes Modern, Cropac and Demag stance stronger,” Hanna added.