Bauer and Berminghammer create the SRA 400 

The Bauer SRA 400

Bauer has developed the SRA 400 for its MC duty-cycle crane series. The SRA name, which stands for Super Reach Attachment, describes the main advantage of the new tool — its reach. 

The attachment system combines the proven features of Bauer drilling equipment with the possibilities of its duty-cycle cranes. With a maximum outreach of 13 metres this machine exceeds previous industry standards of about 10.5 metres. 

The SRA 400 was developed from scratch by Bauer in collaboration with the Hamilton, Ontario-based Berminghammer Foundation Equipment. 

Customers can benefit from the advantages of the system, particularly when Kelly drilling with large ranges and diameters, as the SRA 400 offers a viable alternative where the range or drilling diameter of a standard rotary drilling rig is limited.

The system is ideal for drilling operations that require a large distance from the rig or where the drilling location is difficult to reach, for example on dams or when the machine is working on a barge and the radius of the standard rotary drilling rig is not sufficient. 

As the mast and rotary head are located at a relatively high height above the drilling point and the distance between the drilling point and the base carrier is large, impressive drilling diameters are also possible.

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The SRA 400 can be adapted for various models from the Bauer MC range and can be adjusted according to the respective drilling task, the specific base carrier model and the required reach. 

The maximum torque is designed for a hydraulically driven rotary head from the Bauer standard range in the 400 kNm class. As the control technology is also based on Bauer’s B-Tronic system, many familiar drilling features of the BG series can be used, such as the bi-directional spoil discharge assistant.

For accurate and efficient drilling, Bauer and Berminghammer designed the SRA 400 with lockable Kelly bars to enable down crowd control with a 3-metre stroke on the rotary head. 

The SRA 400 is powered by the crane’s hydraulic system, so an additional power pack in not required. 

The Bauer SRA 400 and MC 96 duty-cycle crane combination made its debut at the Bauer In-House Exhibition in Aresing, Germany, last year. The attachment system is expected to arrive in North America this summer.