Aquajet launches pump for small hydrodemolition jobs

Aquajet Revojet

Aquajet has introduced the Revojet 270, a mobile, compact and high-pressure pump for small-scale hydrodemolition projects.

The pump is designed to pair with Aquajet’s compact Hydrodemolition robots — the Aqua Cutter 410 and the Ergo system — for applications such as small parking garage renovation and industrial cleaning.

“Our innovation comes from constantly listening to customers to create new solutions for tackling their projects,” said Roger Simonsson, Aquajet Managing Director. 

“As hydrodemolition gains popularity, customers are looking for ways to use the technology for more aspects of their work. Pairing the Revojet with our compact hydrodemolition machines gives contractors a powerful equipment arsenal for jobs in tighter spaces.”

The REVO Control System provides a wide range of functions for users to control and monitor the Revojet in a safe, user-friendly package. Its features include closed-loop pressure control or rpm control and smart pressure regulating that quickly finds the set pressure from the idle or auto-stop state. The Revojet also has a mode that flushes the hoses without mounting a nozzle, along with rpm hold delay for hand lancing that minimizes delay when the high-pressure trigger is activated.

Aquajet mobile design

Mobility is at the forefront of the Revojet’s design. The trailer unit weighs 3,500 kg, making it light enough to be towed with a pickup truck or large SUV leaving enough room for a compact hydrodemolition robot in the same towing vehicle. 

A stationary Revojet unit from Aquajet is also available.

Although the pump is compact, the Revojet provides performance equal to the Aquajet Power Pack 270 with a standard configuration of 40,610 psi and 40 litres per minute. For operations requiring more power, two Revojets can be parallel operated to increase pump power from 270 hp to 540 hp as a flexible alternative to a larger pump. 

Revo remote

The Revo remote comes standard with the Revojet and, to increase flexibility, operators can leave the remote in place on the unit or detach the remote and control the Revojet up to 300 metres away with extension cables. 

The Revojet also features state-of-the-art start/stop technology, meaning the system automatically shuts down and restarts the engine to reduce its idle time.

The Revojet’s main power system features several built-in capabilities. 

The system monitors the battery level and shuts down when critical to avoid discharging completely. 

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It also offers an adjustable auto shutdown timeout that can automatically turn off the main power after a certain period of inactivity to save battery power. The main power is also automatically kept on until the engine finishes its shutdown process. 

When servicing the Revojet, workers can turn off the pump and remove the ignition key, disabling all system functions except for the work lights to increase user safety. An additional safety offering is the Revojet’s flashing status light, which relays information and warnings by changing flash frequency and colour.

In addition to the standard radio remote control, the Revo system is compatible with most remotes and high-pressure tools on the market — whether Aquajet tools or those from common manufacturers. 

When the hydrodemolition robot is connected to the Revojet, everything works harmoniously as one unit through the radio remote control with no need for extra cables or devices. This allows operators to connect multiple pieces of equipment, including high-pressure guns, foot pedals and other high-pressure actuators.