Ammann highlights its expanded product line at ConExpo


Ammann will highlight its growing presence in North America at ConExpo by showcasing its recently introduced roadbuilding products. 

The products include the company’s recently launched continuous asphalt-mixing plant with RAP utilization technology, the latest generation of heavy compactors and a wide range of light compaction equipment.

“This past year, we’ve opened a new facility in Davie, Florida, to be closer to American customers,” said Gilvan Pereira, managing director of Ammann America. 

The 6,500 square metre facility houses staff, a warehouse, a training centre and an outdoor area for asphalt plants and compactors.

“We’ve also added depth to our product line, which we are eager to showcase at ConExpo 2020,” Pereira said.

In October, Ammann introduced the ACP 300 ContiHRT, a continuous asphalt-mixing plant designed for the North American market.

60 per cent RAP

The ContiHRT is capable of producing high-quality mix with more than 60 per cent recycled asphalt pavement (RAP). A patented preheating process warms recycled asphalt pavement and prevents bitumen oxidation. 

That process also minimizes fuel burn and reduces carbon dioxide levels and other pollutants.

“We come with proven technology that is able to offer the highest amount of RAP utilization in the US market today,” said Lieven Van Broekhoven, executive vice president at Ammann. “The plant also addresses the emissions concerns faced by so many in the North American market.”

Additional plant innovations include the proprietary as1 Control System. 

The control system is intuitive to operate, yet provides data — and ultimately efficiencies — that enable production while maximizing the use of fuel as well as aggregate.

Ammann heavy compaction 

For ConExpo, Ammann will showcase its latest additions to its soil compactor line up, the ARS 70 and ARS 110. 

The machines feature technological solutions designed to reduce fuel usage and provide valuable data that eliminates unnecessary passes of the machines on jobsites.

The rollers are compact and manoeuvrable, due to the improved turning radius and Ammann’s no-rear-axle concept, which positions the engine, coolers, liquid tanks and hydraulic components in the engine compartment.

The proprietary ACEforce Intelligent Compaction system measures absolute compaction and improves efficiency and quality. 

ARX tandem rollers

Also on display will be the new line of light tandem rollers — the ARX 16-2, the ARX 26-2 and the ARX 45-2, which range from 1 ton to 4.5 tons. The machines feature an electronic drive lever that provides advanced control and manoeuvrability.

The ARX compactors utilize an upgraded articulation joint that enables quick drum adjustment from in-line to off-set configurations, helpful when working close to obstructions. 

Also available are combination versions, which utilize a drum in the front and pneumatic tires in the rear.

At the show, Ammann also plans to present its “lightweight champions” compaction machines.

Ammann offers a wide range of vibratory plate compactors that are ready for any situation. 

Furthermore, a low-vibration guide handle minimizes stress on the operator and makes the machine easier to control. 

APH line

The largest machines, the APH line of hydrostatic compactors, feature Ammann’s proprietary triple-shaft exciter system, which eliminates jumping and enables exceptional climbing ability.

As well, the manufacturer’s walk-behind rollers combine two applications in a single machine. The operator chooses whether to utilize a high-amplitude setting for work on gravel/soil or a low-amplitude setting for asphalt and bituminous materials.

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Ammann APA Add-On Compactors are attachment plates that can be mounted on any standard excavator arm. The APA products compact at depths up to 1 metre and work safely on steep slopes or dangerous trenches.

After-sales lineup

Ammann also plans to showcase its after-sales products. 

For example, Amdurit, Ammann’s patented wear-protection system for asphalt-mixing plants. Amdurit provides up to three times the service life of wear-resistant steel and protects valuable parts and components.

As well, Ammlub is a labour-saving, smart system that automatically lubricates key points on the asphalt plant. 

Technicians no longer need to access locations that make maintenance difficult, time-consuming and costly. Ammlub also ensures that lubricating is done on time — every time. A new generation of quick-exchange mixer arms, built for easy, replacement, will be introduced at the show.