New Skyjack president addresses future growth plans

Skyjack new president
Skyjack’s new President Ken McDougall speaks during a press conference at the ARA Rental Show.

Skyjack’s new President Ken McDougall plans to focus on strengthening processes to set the foundation for the company’s future growth. 

McDougall was named the new president of Skyjack in September, replacing Brad Boehler, who served as president for eight years.

McDougall previously held the president’s role at Skyjack in the early 2000s, but was called back to the automotive side of the OEM’s parent company Linamar Corporation

“I wasn’t happy to leave and I’m very excited to be back,” McDougall said. “I love this industry, I love the people and I love the equipment.”

McDougall comes with in-depth knowledge of Skyjack’s corporate values, the industry and their customers, making him the ideal candidate to head the company.

“Everyone is aligned with Skyjack’s easy-to-do-business-with culture,” McDougall said during a press conference at the ARA’s Rental Show in Orlando, Florida. “It’s an important thing for us, that’s the tie breaker. But it’s not my job to make us equal to everyone else. I want us to stand out.”

McDougall noted Skyjack has recorded impressive growth in the last decade, particularly in the last few years. 

“The market has grown with such enthusiasm. However, it was hard to keep up with,” he said. “Rapid growth, and changing needs in the marketplace has garnered a lot of our attention. And at times that may have distracted us slightly from some of our internal processes.”

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Since his return to the president’s role, strengthening internal processes has been one of McDougall’s focal points.  

“I specialize in bringing effective and efficient processes to the table,” he said. “It is my objective, as I start to lead the Skyjack team for the second time, that we continue to work on improving product development time and turn around so our customers can have the latest and best tools for the job.” 

Skyjack will monitor its new processes internally, so the company is able to deliver competitive pricing while maintaining quality products. 

“It all boils down to how efficiently we are working behind the scenes,” McDougall said. “This gives us our ability to offer exciting, innovative new products, improve customer offerings and be a company that’s easier to do business with.” 

Throughout 2020, McDougall noted the market is showing signs of a slowdown as well as other challenges in certain areas. 

“Our goal is to make sure we face those challenges,” he said. “My job to ensure the team maintain momentum as we start delivering products to rental companies around the world.”