AMI FluidEdge clears more snow and saves on salt

Product photo of AMI Reactor blade/plow with FluidEdge option installed.

AMI offers an option for many of its snowplows called FluidEdge. This is a segmented cutting edge that fastens to a blade, conforming to the contours of the ground during plowing.

According to AMI, the FluidEdge provides a simple, low-maintenance, efficient snow-clearing solution that decreases the amount of salt needed.

“The simplicity of the FluidEdge system is why so many contractors across Canada and the US are choosing to run it as part of their Reactor 4-IN-1 snowblade.  Operators are getting a cleaner surface and are using less salt from this segmented cutting edge that is both easy to service and affordable. It has really changed the game for operators looking for better performance that is cost-effective,” said Bernie Howorth, VP of Sales and Marketing at AMI Attachments.

How it works

The cutting edge is made up of 12-inch segments that are fastened by two bolts each.

Using vulcanized rubber blocks for suspension, the FluidEdge minimizes the number of components required. Still, it offers 1.5 inches of vertical travel and 5-degrees of tilt. 

Also, each 12-inch steel FluidEdge segment is made from a strong Hardox 450 wear plate, which can provide lasting durability.

The vertical travel and tilt allow the segments to individually conform to the contours of the ground. So, the blade is able to push snow out of often neglected areas like ruts, swales and potholes.

“The standard edge would just float right over top of the void, where the FluidEdge would actually dip in and try and scrape up that low spot,” said Chaise Ireland, President of Conestoga Contracting.

Product photo of AMI FluidEdge segments—showing the fastening system.

Less salt

Since FluidEdge is able to remove snow from areas that a normal blade cannot, less residual snow is left after plowing, therefore less salt needs to be applied to the area to finish the job.

Road salt can be expensive, and limiting its use can increase a company’s profit margins.

“The FluidEdge plow is a cutting edge that morphs to the parking lot contours, allowing us to save on salt and give a cleaner product for the customer,” says Ireland.

Also, over the years it has become evident that road salt is harming the environment, particularly in freshwater ecosystems. Road salt gets into the soil and often finds its way into a body of water. Chloride is toxic to aquatic life and can impact food sources and inhibit growth and reproduction.

So, limiting the use of road salt can help relieve water supplies and ecosystems, while also saving money.

AMI FluidEdge in use, being pushed along rough ground.

Municipal use

AMI Attachments works with municipalities throughout Ontario and all the way out to Newfoundland, providing them with snow removal equipment that includes plows and wings for wheel loaders, motor graders and skid steers. 

FluidEdge supports these fleets in residential applications where speeds are lower, roads are bumpier and maneuvering through cul-de-sacs is required.  


AMI Attachments offers the FluidEdge segmented cutting edge system on all Reactor brand angle blades and snow pushers.  This includes the AMI Reactor 4-IN-1, which uses hydraulics to transform into a box, reverse box, angle or open blade. AMI’s blades and pushers are available in widths from 6-feet up to 22-feet wide.

“We do have other AMI standard edge plows and we are already talking about converting our standard edge to FluidEdge because we noticed in our varied routes and operators that we can see the difference in how much snow is being left and how much salt consumption we are going through,” fishishes Ireland.