WATCH: CAT designs and builds a life-size Hot Wheels track

CAT’s Trial 11: Hot Wheels promotional video shows off a life-size Hot Wheels track. Equipment operators, track designers and professional stunt drivers employ CAT equipment and technology to make sandbox fantasies a reality.

The equipment operators include:

  • Thomas Brown
  • Edgardo Montano
  • Ryan Hinojosa
  • Tia Shadley
  • Anthony Alonzo
  • Teresa Braun

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Also, the cars navigating the track in the video were used by CAT to highlight some of their services:

  • Baja Truck – The baja truck highlights the CAT Certified Rebuild Program, which, according to CAT, allows customers to take advantage of extra value built into CAT’s equipment. So, the program aims to return end-of-life machines, systems and components to like-new condition at a fraction of the cost of buying new.
  • Buggy – Sometimes doing your own repairs and maintenance can be cost/time-efficient. Thus, the CAT Trial 11 buggy represents CAT® Self-Service Options which offer a broad range of common repair options.
  • Loop CarHoses and Couplings are critical components that carry the lifeblood of hydraulic equipment, so hose reliability can make a huge difference in your operation. Thus, featured on one of the loop cars are CAT’s hoses and couplings.
  • Rip Rod – A Hot Wheels version of the CAT Dealer service truck aims to highlight the Repair Options CAT provides.