Allen unveils extreme riding trowel


Allen has debuted its new HDX600 Hydra-Drive Extreme riding trowel.

The new HDX600 is a hydraulically-controlled, 2.4 metre class ride-on power trowel that is powered by a 50 hp Hatz liquid-cooled diesel engine.

The HDX600 was designed with the high-volume flatwork concrete contractor in mind.

The riding trowel is equipped with dedicated panning and finishing modes, digital readouts for fuel levels and diagnostics, and a large 49 litre fuel tank to extend run times.

The bilingual digital display shows various engine diagnostics, including temperature, rpm, oil pressure and warnings.

It is also built with pumps that help maintain torque even at high rotor speeds, which makes the machine ideal for panning or finishing operations.

The trowel is built using a Bosch-Rexroth hydraulic system, as well as the Intelli-drive system that allows the engine and the hydraulics to communicate in order to ensure peak performance, component safety and extended life.

Furthermore, the HDX600 is equipped with electric, joystick-mounted single or dual blade pitch controls, Rotor speeds of up to 165 rpm, a two point, top-mount lifting system, four point tie downs and twin  1.2 metre rotors with five bladed spiders.

Walk-behind trowel

As well, Allen has also reintroduced the PRO430E Edger walk-behind trowel. The trowel features a unique rotating edge ring that is ideal for trowelling along the edges of walls or around protruding pipe and conduit.

Allen is bringing the PRO430E back by popular demand, and the walk-behind trowel now fills out Allen’s edger lineup. It fits in between the 61 cm VP424 Edger and the 91 cm PRO436E.

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The in-between size allows the machine to fit through standard doorways while also maintaining a good power and weight combination.

The PRO430E is built with a CH270 7hp Kohler gasoline engine, heavy duty lifting hook for convenient placing on jobsites and a unique spinning edge ring allows finishing within 80 mm of walls or pipes.

As well, the walk-behind trowel is available with a choice of fine pitch or rapid pitch handles to accommodate varying blade adjustment preferences.